Thursday, November 12, 2015

Let's Spread Some Christmas Cheer!

Who wants to join me and Penny for a...

Let's spread some Christmas cheer through blog land!
Rules are super simple!
Put together a box of Christmas Cheer for $15 max.
Send it to your partner.
Open your box.
Smile :)
And then post what you received.
Easy right?

A few ideas for your boxes
Coffee mug
Hot cocoa
An ornament
Starbucks gift card ;);)
Nail polish
Cookie Cutters

The possibilities are endless!
It doesn't have to be anything fancy.
You can easily find things at the Target Dollar Spot, Dollar Tree, etc.
This is just meant to be a fun activity in blog land.
No stress.

Want to join?

Email me or comment below no later than 11/18 to join the fun!
I will announce partners on the 19th, and packages should be mailed out no later than December 1st.
Group link party will be on December 17th :)

Link your #ThinkingOutLoudThursday post below.
And don't forget to link back to X-tremely V & Penny's Passion :)