Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Boy Birthday Party Ideas

Someone I know is going to turn 4 years old in exactly a month from today!
Eek & YEH!
Listen, I am one of those people that love the preschool age.
The baby stage not so much.
So I have been waiting for this time to get here.
Now time can officially stop for a bit ;)

Anyway, back to my little guy turning 4 soon.
For X's first birthday we took advantage of his birthday falling in December and went with the
Winter "One"derland theme.
It was perfect!

At two he was obsessed with cars, trucks, etc. so we decided on a transportation theme.
I had the box lunches, stop light treat bags, etc. all ready to go and then he got sick :(
Which then turned into an ear infection :(
Meaning we had to cancel the party :(

Last year I thought about using all the items I had picked up the year before, because you better believe I kept all that stuff!
I put a lot of time into the labels and such!
Well, while he loved cars still, he also loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
A turtle party was a piece of cake!
So we changed it up, threw on our TMNT shirts, ordered cake, and served pizza.
Because, Duh! The turtles eat pizza :)
It was simple, easy, and everyone had a great time!
Especially the birthday boy :)
This year he is all about dinosaurs!
For a moment he was loving dragons too, and I had high hopes of having a How to train your dragon party.
Of course, that fizzled fast.
I have asked him a few times what kind of party he would like and every single time he responds quickly with Dinosaurs Mommy!
So a dinosaur theme it is!

I don't know his friends that well at school yet, so I think we are just going to keep it to family again this year.
Next year for 5, I might have to go a little crazy and have a few kiddos added to the mix of things.

So here are some of the ideas I have come up with so far...Thank you Pinterest :)

I found these white chocolate pretzels and immediately added them to the list.
How easy and perfect!

And these labels for the food are genius!


These ham & cheese sliders would be perfect for carnivores of all ages!

No party is complete without cake!
In a dream world I would get the cake below for X.
Look at how cool that is!

I think this one is pretty neat too, and a lot more reasonable :)
Throw in some Dino cookies for take home and we are set.

Last year I decided to order X a shirt on Etsy and he has loved wearing for the last year.
So it goes without saying he is getting another birthday themed shirt this year.
Now to decide which one!
There are so many on Etsy to choose from.
Any suggestions?

And that is all today my friends!
Looking forward to getting things together to celebrate my little guy next month :)
Any other suggestions or ideas you can think of for a Dino party?

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Happy Thursday Friends!


  1. Dinosaur theme, that's awesome! Can't wait to see what you come up with

  2. We threw a dinosaur party for Baby Fox's 3.5 birthday too! Well then at the last minute he wanted monster trucks so I threw that in there too, hehe. :) We did ribs to serve, like dinosaur bones. hehe. I should use pinterest more often, but then I feel like I'll take on too many projects, :)

  3. I just did a post about Dinosaurs, is like we were sharing brainlengths lol. Such cute ideas!

  4. You know how much I LOVE a theme! I can't wait to see his fun party! The ideas are awesome (and I like the last shirt the best!) ;).


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