Monday, November 16, 2015

Get Things Done Kind of Weekend

Happy Monday!
If you haven't been around here long, you may not know that we moved a few months ago. 
Well, we moved the "life essentials" and kept the rest of our stuff at our old house to stage it.
Slowly, but surely we have been moving the rest of those things over to the new place. 
I don't want to jinx anything, but we should close on our old house by the end of the month :)
Meaning, we needed to get the rest of our junk belongings out of there!
Also meaning, we needed to get our new place organized!

Thursday evening I emptied a couple boxes and X had a blast playing around with them.

On Friday I made a quick trip out to Target for some office supplies and to pick up X's birthday gift while it was still on sale, and they still had it.
Of course you can't make it to the toy section without walking by the women's clothing :)

And since Starbucks is right across the street I was basically forced to hit up the drive thru for a red cup ;)
And to add to my fun Friday, the Christmas music stations on XM are live and pumping out some of my favorite holiday tunes.

 That evening we stopped by our favorite comfort spot for some dinner before heading home to watch Inside Out.

 The Cracker Barrel store is kind of like Hobby Lobby, I could spend so much time in there just looking at all the decor items!
Especially at Christmas time!

And if you watched Inside Out yet, do it now!
Pick it up for a stocking stuffer, etc.
It was so good!
Mic and I loved it!
And X couldn't wait to watch it again!
So we did, Saturday morning :)

Saturday afternoon X headed to my in-laws house while Mic and I got to work on organizing the house.
We rearranged our family room, dining/living room space, X's playroom, moved TV's all over the place, etc.
While things aren't "done" yet, they feel and look a lot better.
While I don't know if I will ever get used to country living, I just might start feeling a bit more comfortable in this 40 year old house (my in-laws built).

X came home just before bedtime that night and was so excited for his play space!
He loved having my old rocking horse there to sit and play on.
Melted my heart and totally brought back so many memories of watching cartoons and such while sitting on that horse :)

 Since the Browns didn't play on Sunday, oh wait they did :( GRRR!
We started getting our Christmas decorations out :)
There is still a lot to do, but I at least got 4 out of 6 trees set up and lit.
The challenge is figuring out where to put them in the new space.

And that my friends was our weekend!
Did you start decorating for Christmas yet?


  1. Oh the Browns....nothing to even say about that dumpster fire of a performance.

    Also- I am a firm after Thanksgiving decorator, but I've been feeling the pull to decorate!! I'm so excited to this year year!

  2. X on that horse, so cute. Yay for closing and for having 6 Christmas trees! We are going to break ours out this weekend! Usually I am against it but upgrading our tree last year we sort of have to. Else it would take most of December to get everything out!

  3. I love when I'm "forced" to get a Starbucks because it's right there. Great Cmas trees...I gotta do that soon!