Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Birthday Wish List

In a little less than a month I have a birthday coming up.
How am I already turning 37?
I feel like just yesterday I was 16, 18, or even 30!
Time flies people! Time flies.

No matter what the number is, my mom or brother or Mic will ask the dreaded question...

What do you want for your birthday?

Does anyone else have trouble answering that question?
I mean, I could come up with a million things I want when looking at Pinterest.
But when trying to nail down an exact item I would like I blank.

So to please the masses (ie. my family), here you go!

 Weekend Trips
This item is on my wish list every year.
I love, love, love hopping in the car and going somewhere for a weekend.
I don't care to be in the car for too long, so I like short trips (3-4 hours max).
One of my favorite places to go is to Frankenmuth, Michigan!
We went quite a bit as a kid, and Mic and I have gone once.
I can't wait to take X to Bronner's Christmas Store!
I am giddy just thinking about it! :)

If you didn't pick up on the fact the that I am an "experience" kind of gal, you will now.
Again, I grew up going to concerts or just going to see live music in general.
I absolutely love it!
I know I am older now, concerts cost more, etc. but I just love the experience of getting to see one of my favorite musical acts live on stage doing their thing!
I have been to some truly great shows in my 36 (almost 37 years).
I want to keep adding to that list!
And yes, I am not afraid to say that I would love to see Taylor Swift in concert!

Duck Boots
These are a bit more reasonable.
I live in Ohio. I love boots. I kind of need a good snow boot now that we live in the country.
These totally make sense to me ;)
I think the navy and tan ones would go perfectly with my navy or cream winter coats.

Speaking of coats....
I didn't put this in the photo above, but coats are always a good idea for me!
I kind of collect them.
One Birthday/Christmas when I was in high school I think I managed to receive 4 different style winter coats.
Again, I live in Ohio.
It gets really cold in the winter.
And a girl has to have options right?
Like a bright orange option ;)

Digital Camera
I kind of feel like the last person on the planet without one.
I mean, I have a decent camera I got about 12 years ago but it isn't a DSLR.
I have a kid who doesn't stop moving in case you didn't know ;)
I want to take photos of him doing his thing.
I want to take better photos for the blog.
I want to take better photos in general!
Most of the photos we have hanging in our home are ones that I took.
The ones of beautiful trees, parks, water, etc.
I want to decorate our house with some new ones.
I will stop now, but the list goes on and on.

Graphic Tees
If I had to name a weakness, it would be graphic tees.
I just can't get enough of them.
I am starting to get to the point where I don't have enough days to wear all the ones I love.
Sad, but true.
But that won't stop me from adding more to my collection!
Bring em' on!

Gift Cards
I love to give gift cards!
They are the perfect gift to give someone who has everything, doesn't want anything, doesn't give you ideas, etc.
Stores, restaurants, services.
I love them!
And this year I am adding Stitch Fix gift cards to my list!
I just signed up and can't wait to get my first box in the mail next week!
Review post coming soon :)

And there you have it!
What is on your wish list this year?

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Happy Thursday!


  1. I would take a weekend trip over a wrapped gift - any day! You've got a great list going!

  2. Lol...I seriously told Keith this past weekend that I thought I needed a Dillon Panther shirt to sleep in like Tami! hahaha He would die if I came to be in that.

  3. Love your birthday picks!!!!! I NEED that Dillon Panthers T! Sooo fun!

  4. A digital camera is definitely on my list too!

  5. I try to add things to my Amazon wish list throughout the year as I think of them- so when bdays and holidays roll around I can check those and remember what I found months ago that I wanted ;) I love the boots you have picked out, super cute!

  6. Happy almost Birthday! I'm with you on the short weekend trips. They are the best. And, definitely no shame in wanting to see a Taylor concert :)

  7. Can we be best friends?! Because I am freaking to go to a T.Swift concert. Target has some knock off duck boots I have been eyeing and Dillion Panthers all the way!!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  8. I really want a DSLR camera too! If you find a good deal, let me know :)

  9. Okay, so now that I have a list, can I please be your person for the draw? hehe.. :) I have so many ideas! Oh and how about you come out to Cali and we'll go see the TSwift concert together?..pretty please.

  10. I need the Dillon Panthers Tee in my life!!!!! I saw Taylor in concert a few years ago...I thought then that I'd never have to see her again...but with so much great music since then, I am itching to go again...her concerts have gotten bigger and better!!

  11. I love your bday, pics!! You are catching up to me...I turned 38 this year and hubs so sweetly pointed out I am in my LATE 30's! Ugh. 40 is the new 20 though, so I';m good! Happy Birthday! XOXOXO