Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What's Up Wednesday | November

Linking up with Mel, Shay, and Sheaffer today :)

What we're eating this week
Other than that we are keeping things light with salads and soup.

What I'm reminiscing about
My little guy joining us about this time 4 years ago.
X will be turning 4 on December 5th :)
Can't wait to celebrate him!

What I'm loving
Having all the Christmas trees up throughout the house.
Believe it or not, we haven't decorated the trees yet!
But just walking into a room with the trees lit up just puts a smile on my face :)

What we've been up to
Organizing and cleaning the house.
We WILL be getting back to some normalcy soon!

What I'm dreading
Don't get me wrong. I love looking out my window while sitting at my desk at work watching the snow fall.
I love doing the same from home on a Friday evening or Saturday or Sunday.
I do not like it when I have to be out walking in it, or driving in it.
Praying for a mild winter.
How about snow on Christmas Eve/Christmas morning and then it melts and we go about our winter with no snow or ice :)
Too much to ask mother nature?

What I'm working on
Getting the house decorated, and Christmas shopping.

What I'm excited about
Short work weeks!
This week, then of course the week of Christmas and New Year's are typically three day work weeks!
Meaning 4 day weekends!

What I'm watching/reading
Mic has been working or just out of the house in the evenings quite a bit this month so I have been trying to play catch up with the DVR.
Proud to say I am completely caught up on The Blacklist after this past weekend.
Of course, I am still recording Heroes Reborn, Big Bang Theory, Nashville, and Chrisley Knows Best.
I am actually up to date on Supergirl :)
Other than that, I tend to put the Hallmark movie channel on in the background since it is 100% Christmas movies these days.
And of course we are still watching PJ Masks and all things Disney Junior!

What I'm listening to
Obsessed with the Megan Trainor/John Legend song right now.
And my XM in the car or Spotify on my computer basically stay on all things Christmas right now.

What I'm wearing
Lots and lots of layers!
It is COLD here in Ohio!
As I type this the high for today is like 37* :(
We have officially pulled out the winter coats, gloves, hats, and scarves.

What I'm doing this weekend
Black Friday shopping with one of my oldest and best friends.
And then my mom is coming down to make Christmas cookies with me and X!

What I'm looking forward to next month
Dare I say everything?!
X's 4th birthday, my birthday, Christmas, New Year's!
X has his 4 year check up and I always love to see how much he has grown from the year before.
He also has his Preschool Program this month!

What else is new
My first Stitch Fix box arrived!
I can't wait to do a review for you all :)

Bonus Question: What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
As a child my favorite Christmas tradition was going to church with my parents and grandparents on Christmas Eve.
I loved the added elegance of the service with everyone dressing up more than a normal service.
I loved the message, the songs, etc.
We would end each service with just the light of candles burning while we would sing Silent Night.

My favorite tradition now is watching X open up our special Christmas Eve present filled with pj's for all three of us, a new Christmas movie, hot cocoa, and snacks.

And that my friends has been the month of November!
Looking forward to eating some yummy food tomorrow and hanging out with family and friends.


  1. omg squishy babe, they grow so fast!
    beautiful tree
    yay michael buble and cookies!!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  2. Yay for a December! We have tree up but not decorated yet. Killing me that I can't get on a ladder to decorate the top. Yay for Blacklist...we wanted to watch Heroes reborn, but it conflicted with all of our other Thursday shows...and we didn't realize it wasn't taping it for a few weeks, darn! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Ooo, Stitchfix! Im not even close to signing up, but I love seeing others reveals, sorta like window shopping lol. Happy Thanksgiving!