Monday, November 2, 2015

Jam Packed Weekend

Happy Monday!
I am back to work after a weekend full of fun!

On Friday afternoon, I swung through one of my very favorites places to check out the Christmas decor :)
Hobby Lobby was all about Christmas and I loved everything!

 We really need to upgrade our stockings this year, but I just couldn't figure out what ones to get :(

 Believe it or not, I only picked up one thing while I was there!
It is a white frame with gold letters that say "Oh holy night".
One of my favorite Christmas songs :)
Of course, I totally forget to take a picture of it and I can't find it online.

Saturday morning X and I hung out while Mic did some office work.
My sweet boy separated all of his Halloween candy into piles based on who likes each piece.
He had piles for me, Mic, my parents, Mic's parents, and his little friend Crew :)
The smallest pile of them all was his!
Boy does that kid melt me!

That afternoon we headed to Columbus to get our family pictures taken.
We promised X that if he smiled well he could go on the playground for a little bit.
Oh boy did that kid give good cheese :)
I can't wait to see them!

We rushed back for a Halloween theme dinner party with friends that evening.
 Seriously, look at all that food!!!

 There were kids of all ages there, but X loved getting to check out the little babies :)
 These two are a few months a part and were just eyeing each other up!

 We had a great night, but were exhausted when we got home around 11:30pm.
All three of us crashed and slept in on Sunday morning.

I did my normal Sunday morning grocery shopping and couldn't resist Starbucks!
Red cups are back!
So are the holiday drinks!
Eeek! Creme Brulee' Latte is heaven in a cup!

We, meaning I, watched the Browns game while the boys napped.
Thankfully, I did laundry and such while watching the game since they lost. Again. UGH!

That evening Mic and I rearranged some of the furniture upstairs and were able to set up X's bed.
I am hoping to get things organized in each room this week so we can get our Christmas decor out.
AND, it can finally start feeling like a home!

 Oh, and remember that tunic I talked about on Friday?
It arrived on Saturday and I love it!
It is so soft, and the perfect length to pair with leggings!
Unfortunately, it is sold out right now :(

And that my friends was our weekend.
Did you take your kiddos trick-or-treating or pass out candy?
Who's ready to get their Christmas shopping started?


  1. Jam-packed is RIGHT!! ;) I love X's outfit, can't wait to see your family photos. And how sweet of him to divide us his candy to share with everyone- I love that :)

  2. X's sweater with the shoulder patches is darling and so is your deer sweater!

  3. Yay for red cups!!! And can't wait to see those photos. And the smallest bit for him?! What a good kid! Mine are little sugar addicts :-)

  4. that tunic is awesome!!
    I can't wait to see your pics, looks like the backdrop was amazing and how cute is his little outfit?! seriously
    YAY Christmas... it's all I can do to hold off decorating! Nov 15th, game on!