Friday, December 5, 2014

X is Three | TMNT Party

Today the most adorable little guy in my world is turning 3!
Happy Birthday X!
Mommy and Daddy love you more than you know!

My favorites today are all about my birthday boy!
I found this tee on Etsy and knew he had to have it for his party!

Linking up with the following ladies today

He loves to snuggle!
I have never been a snuggle fan, but once this little guy came along he totally changed my mind on it!
Every night at bed time he wraps his perfect little arms around me and we fall asleep :)
Yes, he still twists my hair through his fingers like his life depends on it, but we are all about the happy things today! ;)

When X tells you he is super fast he means it!
That kid does not walk, he runs...everywhere!
And I am right there with him :) I love that we share the ability to move quickly!
The sports fan in me sees lots of basketball, baseball, football, etc. games in my future and I LOVE it! :)

He loves to dance!
He normally is all boy all the time, but one thing I have with him (at least for now) is dancing!
Most nights after his bath or shower he will run over to me or Mic and shake his little naked booty :)
He melts me!
Lately he has wanted to have a nightly dance party before bed - that boy knows exactly what to say to me! lol!
His most requested song these days is Fireball by Pitbull! lol!
He loves to run around the bedroom imitating whatever dance moves Mic or I are doing. I was doing a little salsa/cha cha move the other night and now he does it all the time!
I absolutely love this time with him!
So much so, that I ordered a leather cuff from Farmgirl Paints Etsy shop that says "shake my booty" :)
I hope he will always like to dance, or at least with his mommy :)

Watching him learn just fascinates me!
Listening to his little voice speak sentences is crazy! He truly surprises me every day with something new.
The other day we were getting on the highway and he shouted out,
"WOW! That's the biggest truck I've ever seen!".
Seriously, that entire sentence!!!
I am sure it isn't that big of a deal, but it is to me!
This little guy is the best in my world!

That face!
I am sure I am a little biased here, but that kid is a good looker!
I seriously have such a hard time not giving him the world when he looks at me and flashes that toothy grin!
And just when I think he can't get any cuter, he does!
I know all of you moms out there know what I am talking about here :)

We celebrated X's birthday with our family over the weekend, and he wasn't feeling the greatest but he hung in there pretty well :)
We kept things super simple this year! I wanted to decorate more, or have a few more festive foods but I held back.
After getting everything last year and then having to cancel his party (twice) due to him being sick, I didn't want to chance spending the money again. I honestly rather put it towards another toy he would like!

Rockin' my TMNT tee and loading up on caffeine for the party!

I didn't have any round platters, so I just used this large platter to simulate Raph and Mikey's faces.
There are some really good bakeries in town, but I love to order from Kroger.
The frosting is so yummy, and the cake is always super moist!
And they are quite a bit cheaper than all the other places around town.
I picked up a 12 pack of green treat bags and a few sheets of card stock at Hobby Lobby to make these turtle bags for the kids.
Since it was just 5 of them, I kept them super simple (again) with a puzzle and turtle cup.
Our feast!
Pizza because that is what turtles eat! lol! At least the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles do!
I also had a couple dips and chips to munch on as well.
My version of Sewer Sludge. lol!
That morning I realized I didn't have anything but pop and water at the house...nothing for the kiddos to drink!
Defending myself - my kid only drinks water and milk, so I didn't even think about it!
While picking up the cake that morning I quickly jumped on Pinterest for a green punch recipe to make.
This was super simple and got rave reviews by all that attended the party.
So much so that I never had a chance to taste it before it was all gone! lol! 
It is just 2 liters of Sprite, a 1/2 gallon of lime sherbet, and a can of frozen lemonade.
Pour it all in a punch bowl, stir together, and serve!
So easy!

I absolutely love those last two photos!
He was so excited at the end of the party/day for Mic to put together his big birthday gift!

He loves the TMNT Sewer Lair, that he calls the Turtle House, and hasn't stopped playing with it!
And no, X isn't short. Even with that thing on the floor it is over 42" tall!

Whew! That is all for today friends!
Hope you all had a great week!
I am looking forward to catching up with a few old friends this weekend and having our family photos taken :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you put on a great party!

  2. Those party bags are ADORABLE! Fun times.

  3. Happy BELATED birthday to your little cutie!! He really is SO adorable :) I saw a TMNT onesie for girls the other day and I may or may not have showed Jared... hehe, he's a Turtle's fan himself! Your posts make me so excited to (hopefully!) have a little boy one day--- all the sports, oh man! sign me up to be a boy mom!!

  4. What a cute party!! I love the fruit & veggie platter, and the green punch!