Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

While I am ready to be back to the daily routine, I am not ready to be back.
I have been off since Christmas Eve and it was fantastic!
We woke up Christmas Eve morning and decided to get our gingerbread house built.
Doing this with a 3 year old was rough! On top of that a few of the pieces were missing :(
And you are probably supposed to let the house "set up" before adding the decor, but X wanted to keep moving. So we did.
We did the best we could....X loved it!
He couldn't wait to show everyone that walked into our house his creation :)
Toddler built

After what felt like forever building that house (literally it was like 20 minutes), I finished wrapping our presents, X took a nap, and then we were off to my in-laws house for dinner.
treats, snacks, holidays
Super easy treat! I will post the recipe next week :)

I love these Christmas dishes that my MIL has!
It is every verse of Twas the night before Christmas :)
dinner plates, holidays

We headed home and opened our Christmas Eve present.
New pj's for the fam, and a new movie to watch!
Can you believe this is the first time any of us have watched Frozen?
I think we all loved it!
In fact, we have watched it at least once every day since Christmas Eve! lol!
X already knows some of the words to the songs too! :)
pj's, hot cocoa, movies, frozen

Christmas morning I made a yummy Blueberry Croissant Puff for breakfast :)
Once that was in the oven it was time for X to see what Santa brought him!
the grinch, coffee, quiet, fire
The calm before the storm :)
breakfast, blueberries, cream cheese, croissants
Recipe to come next week :)

Of course he wanted everything put together the second he opened it :(
christmas morning 2014

christmas morning 2014

old school, christmas morning 2014

When we were done it was time to clean up, set the table, and get ready for round 3 of Christmas with my family.
My parents and brother came down to my house this year.
From my table set up you can tell I don't host holidays very often.
It was nice to be able to use our wedding china though :)
I think we have broke those babies out a whole 3 times in the last 8 years!

I get requests every year for my homemade pecan pie :)

We enjoyed good food, conversation, and more with everyone over those couple of days!
This boy was most excited about this kitchen my mom got him!
Every day he asks to go play with it :)

Me, my dad, and brother.
Now my mom's turn :)
The only picture we managed to take as a family on Christmas day and it was blurry :(

On Friday morning we awoke to strange things.
X must have had a nose bleed while he was sleeping because he woke up like this..
x-tremely v
Poor baby!
It continued to bleed on and off all day.
On top of that he had some really odd swelling behind his right ear.
Thankfully that went away with a dose of Tylenol.
The whole day was kind of blah since all three of us were still stuffed from eating too much and thoroughly exhausted.

By Saturday I was itching to get out of the house!
I am so not one to be stuck inside for more than a day!
We decided to take a ride and ended up in Coschocton at The Unusual Junction for some lunch.
Of course not before round 2 of weirdness happened.
Things seemed normal when X said "Mommy".
I turned around to find him throwing up all over himself :(
Poor little guy!
He didn't know what was going on since this is the first time he has ever gotten sick! Other than baby spit up anyways.
We pulled over to the side of the road, cleaned him up as good as we could, and looked for the nearest store.
Parent fail = I didn't even think about having an extra set of clothes in the car!
We had to stop at a local Walmart to get X a new shirt and pants to wear! Lesson learned!

Thankfully after eating some pretzels X seemed to feel better :)
We finally made it to Coschocton for lunch and were happy to get out of the car.

The Unusual Junction was definitely unusual!
Autographed items all over, newspaper articles and memorabilia from years and years ago, phones on the table, etc.
The best part to me was that on the big screen they were playing old Flintstones cartoons :)

X kept picking up the phone to call his Uncle Richie :)
He would say "Hello! Good to see you! Goodbye Uncle Richie!" and then "kiss" the phone. SO sweet!!!
The original sign autographed by Bob Barker.

After lunch we headed home for the boys to get haircuts before we watched Frozen again.

Sunday, was back to normal for the most part.
Grocery shopping, watch the Browns lose again, etc.
We did manage to take down all of our Christmas decor except the trees.
That never usually happens before the 1st!

That is seriously the most condensed version I could give of our 5 days off!

How was your Christmas?
Did you host your family or friends?
What did you eat?
There are so many different traditions this time of year.
I would love to hear what yours are :)

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