Thursday, December 11, 2014

#xvsdailylife2014 Week 48

 Day 337 ~ This red cup was needed to get some Christmas shopping done!

 Day 338 ~ How do you start your day?

 Day 339 ~ Sitting on Santa's lap was a no go, but looking at this little elf was alright :)

 Day 340 ~ Celebrated the upcoming arrival of a sweet little girl!
I wish X could be one of her first friends like her mommy was to me :)

 Day 341 ~ We visited a local tree farm for our family pictures this morning.

 Day 342 ~ Thanks Influenster for my #MerryKissmas box! Can't wait to bake with these :)

Day 343 ~ When you are sick, sometimes just sitting in a dark room by the Christmas tree is the best medicine!
#mommyisntallowedtogetsick #toomuchtodo


  1. That is one GREAT Influenster box!!! ;) YUM!

  2. I need to start up influencer again! SO great!!!! I love me some Hershey kisses! Especially the candy cane kind!