Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekend Recap | Still Sick

Last week wasn't fun!
I was sick. X was sick. And then Mic caught some of it.
But fingers crossed, we get through this crud soon and move towards Christmas a healthy family.
I wish I could put us in a little bubble to make sure we stay this way.

Posting this on Monday morning at 9:30am and I am at home with X today :(
Poor little guy just can't get better. My heart hurts for him.

Back to last week.
I received a few sneak peeks of our family photos and was able to use one of those bad boys for our Christmas cards :)
Yes, I literally just ordered my cards.
Don't worry though, they are already here, stamped, addressed, and mailed out.
I am cheap. I use Walmart photo for my cards.
Why? Because most people honestly throw those suckers away at the end of the month -- the exception being my mom..Hi! -- so I am not spending a ton of money on them.
I am getting nothing from Walmart by saying any of this.
I like simple cards, and Walmart fits the bill for looks, quality and price.
So here is a sneak peek for you...
I can't wait to see the rest of them!!!

My mom came down last week to bake some Christmas cookies with X and I. Since he and I weren't feeling well, it was really nice just to have the extra set of hands at home since Mic had to work.
Not gonna is even better when those are your mom's hands :)
Thank you so much mom!
We did attempt to make cookies...meaning I mixed the batter (did anyone start singing Pour some sugar on me right there? No?) while X sat on the counter and watched.
He wasn't interested in putting the kisses on top of them, so he went and played with Grandma while I finished baking.
Oh well! Better luck next time!

Thanks Influenster for the Hershey Kisses!

That brings me to the actual weekend.

Friday night we did...nothing!
Mic and I picked up X at my in-laws after work and he looked horrible! :(
It was home for a bath, movies and lots of snuggles!

Saturday morning I hit the grocery store early (7am) so I could get back to my sick little guy before I headed north.
X woke with a temp of 101.8 :(
After a couple rounds of Tylenol/Advil we were able to to get his temp down and get him to nap.
A BIG Thank you to Mic for giving me the ability to head up north to spend the night at my dad's house and go to the Browns game.
So happy I have a guy that can handle a sick kid without complaint!

I enjoyed a nice dinner at Caffe' Roma in Cleveland, before stopping at Mitchell's for some yummy ice cream!
I had Banana Cream Pie flavor and it was excellent!
I was just enjoying all of it...I took no pictures. #badblogger

On Sunday it was the annual Father/Daughter Browns game.
Like most years it is the closest weekend to my birthday.
That game...UGH!!!!
Nothing to say about it.
But here are few photos from before the game (if you can call it that!).

I literally have a good 4 layers on in this photo!
I was prepared for whatever Mother Nature was going to throw at me!

So how was your weekend?
Has anyone in your family caught this horrible flu/cold going around?
How are you coping? Tips and suggestions are greatly appreciated!

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  1. Love that sneak peek pic and can't wait to see more!

  2. OMG I love that idea of sticking sprinkles to the Kisses for peanut butter blossoms!!! I'm sorry your Browns lost :(

  3. LOVE the sneak peek picture! It's beautiful! We made peanut butter blossoms over the weekend too. They are a holiday favorite in our house. I have never put sprinkles on them though. Love that idea.


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