Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Come on in...Christmas Decor

Updated: 10am 12/3/14

I started taking pictures for this post last night totally thinking that this was supposed to go live on Friday.
Imagine my surprise this morning when I started clicking through a few blogs and saw it was today!
UGH! #bloggerfail

So I figured I would at least post some of the photos I took so far and add the rest tomorrow :)

Linking up today with one my favorite southern ladies, Andrea @ Momfessionals

Mic and I love to decorate for Christmas!
It makes the house seem so warm and inviting :)
And since I am basically a Christmas baby, I would keep most of it up all year if I could!
It just puts everyone in a good mood! Who doesn't want to be around that?

And another thing, I am a Santa girl!
I started collecting them shortly after high school. One year that is all I received for my birthday and Christmas! lol!
Everyone has backed off a bit now that I have a pretty decent size collection. But I am always willing to add another one :)

For the last couple of years we have decorated 3 trees. I would honestly have a tree in every room of the house if I could! I actually have plans for our elf Sheldon to bring a small tree and ornaments for X to decorate for his room :)
Before X we actually had a tree in our bedroom!
No ornaments, just lights. I love the glow of Christmas lights!

Back to our 3 trees.
Our main tree is topped with a big red star and then has some red shiny and sparkly bulbs, and white glittery snowflakes. Mixed in are the ornaments over the years that we have picked up or have been given from family or friends.

 You may not know, but I began bowling when I was about 6yo and stuck with it for many years. I was pretty good too :)

This Mickey & Minnie ornament is from our very first Christmas together back in 2001.
Back then Mic had a tiny little Charlie Brown like tree in his apartment :)
So glad we have held onto and still place it on our tree year after year!
X "helped" decorate the tree this year :)
Our tree from last year.

Our second tree is skinnier and holds all of our S'mores ornaments. In the beginning we didn't have that many, so they mixed in with our main tree. We have now collected enough that they get their very own tree :)
This is the first year Mic decided to put up his LGB train.
When he was a kid his parents starting purchasing the train cars and such and every Christmas would put it up around their home.
X has loved having this train up this year!
He constantly wants to make it go, and then chase it! lol!
Right now the track just wraps around our living room, but we have enough track to have it move throughout our whole first floor!

 We picked up this one last year when we were visiting Nashville.

For X's first birthday we gave all of our guests (each family) a S'mores penguin ornament to take home with them :)

And our third tree is in our basement and is super simple.
It just has lights, white snowflakes, and some silver and white snowflake ribbon.
I need to find a small tree skirt for it still.

My Santa's are scattered throughout the house, and my Christmas tin collection is placed above my kitchen cabinets.
My mom picked up this advent house for me years ago at Cracker Barrel.
I love it because when you open each little door (close up coming tomorrow) it plays Christmas music.
X loves this!

Since our TV is hung above our fireplace it makes hanging our stockings a bit challenging. We have a pretty big buffet/sofa table that we have been able to use for the last few years and it works out great! 
I picked up these stocking holders many, many years ago just because they spelled Santa!
I love them!
And I am so glad we have found a way to be able to use them still :)
And yes, I am not the hunt for new stockings.
I just can't decide what look I want!

This bench and trees are located right across from our entry from the garage door.

How is your home decorated for the holidays?
Do you put up multiple trees?
Does your tree have a theme to it?


  1. I've ALWAYS wanted multiple trees!!! Yours are so beautiful!! My aunt used to always do a traditional tree and a themed tree, and the themes would be different ever year. So much fun!

  2. You can never have too many trees! I can't wait to see the rest of your Christmas décor photos!

  3. Looks beautiful! I like to see what others do with their stockings when they don't have a fire place to hang them on. Love it!

  4. Oh my gosh I LOVE all your decor! The Smores ornaments are some of my favorite- but I don't have any lol! Kayla has a couple and I think they are just so cute!

  5. I love that you have a tree for your S'mores ornaments. Those are so cute! All the decor looks great. :)

  6. I love that you have three trees!
    Can't wait to see more photos :)

  7. YES, what Erin said. I love those Smores ornaments!!!!! Your wood floors are killing me, so gorgeous!

  8. Such a lovely christmassy house…. love all the special ornaments!