Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

Can you call it a weekend when it started on Wednesday afternoon?
Not sure, but I am going to go with it!
Wednesday afternoon we headed north to visit with my mom's side of the family and see my cousin and his two daughters from Florida.
I don't have that many cousins, so I am usually able to see them every few months or so.
My cousin from Florida...I haven't seen in about 18 years!
He has two daughters that are 15 and 13 (I believe).
It was great to catch up as much as we could.
I mean how to do you honestly catch up on the last 18 years in 3-4 hours? You don't. But we did the best we could :)
My brother, cousin Billy, his two daughters, and me.
Boo for blurry photos :(
Me, my mom, and brother.
I have no idea why I look so short in this picture!
I am actually taller than my mom!

Later that night I met up with Dad and a couple of his friends to hear some live music. 
While they thankfully didn't close down the place, we did stop for breakfast.
Meaning we didn't get home until 3-3:30am :(

Thanksgiving day was nice.
We ate some good food, watched the kids play, and even managed to catch a bit of the parade. Thursday evening I was supposed to meet up with a friend to do a little early Black Friday shopping.
While clearing the snow off my car, my dad and I found out I had a severely flat tire :(
I tried to head out in my dad's car instead, but after only making it one town over, I turned around and went back to his house. The snow was terrible on Thursday evening!
It took me an hour to travel what normally would be 10 minutes!
So instead of getting any shopping done, I enjoyed a night of peaceful, no hair pulling, no kicking sleep.
It was wonderful!!!

Must have a small piece of each pie I made :)
#applepie #pumpkinpie
 Thanksgiving and football!
 The snow that decided to put a stop to my Black Friday shopping :(

Friday morning my dad took my Jeep to a friend and thankfully was able to have my tire fixed without replacing it.
So afterwards we grabbed some lunch at Five Guys before I headed home.
The screw that was in my tire!!!
My first time eating at a Five Guys.
The burger was good, but I loved the fresh cut fries! YUM!

Friday night and Saturday morning X had a terrible cough :(
We were supposed to have our family pictures that morning, but thankfully we were able to reschedule.
Saturday was all about cleaning, running a few errands, and X resting.
Our elf Sheldon returned on Saturday morning and brought X a new ornament for the tree. fitting ;)
During bath time X decided to take the bubbles and put them on his face.
He said "Mommy, I'm Santa Claus!". Love him!

Part 2: X's 3rd Birthday Party will come later this week!

How was your Thanksgiving?
Was it small and simple or large and chaotic?

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  1. mmmm love five guys. just hate the calories that comes with it! And that collection of beer steins up there is amazing!

  2. Oh that burger ... mmmmm!!!!! We had snow too!


  3. Wow that is a lot of snow! Looks like a great weekend, and that bubble beard, too cute!


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