Monday, December 8, 2014

Weekend Recap | Celebrations

My weekend started Thursday evening :)
I picked up X at school and headed home for some dancing and such.

Friday morning X woke up to donuts in bed!
I mean, it was his birthday after all :)

No idea what was going on with that squinty eye! lol!

Technically he didn't turn 3 until 11:33 pm that night, and boy did he go out with a bang!
Not sure it was his intent, but the Terrible 2's were in full effect all day long!!!
I felt so bad putting him in time out on his birthday (multiple times), but I had no choice!
Honestly by the end of the day I felt like my parent card should be revoked :(
It was a rough day to say the least.

There were a few good parts of the day. 
And at 2/3 years old I am sure that is all he will remember if anything all.
 Our elf Sheldon came with a birthday gift for X!
A Michelangelo doll dressed as an elf!

 We brought X's favorite meal into the office to eat lunch with daddy :)
 Wouldn't even take a pic with Santa with me or Mic with him :(
 This elf shot was as good as it got for us.
 Who is this kid? He so does not look 3!
However, his meal begged to differ. 

On Saturday morning I headed north to see one of my very first friends. We honestly haven't seen each other since we graduated high school! It was so good to see her and celebrate the upcoming arrival of her baby girl :)
The rest of my evening was super exciting!
Saturday night grocery shopping, doing dishes and laundry.
Wow! I am such a wild child! lol!
The customary Starbucks coffee while grocery shopping :)

Sunday morning we were again up bright and early to have our family photos taken.
We decided to dress in our winter coats and hats (thankfully since it was barely 30* outside) and visit a Christmas tree farm.
It was perfect!
There were still quite a lot of trees, so the backdrop looked amazing (in my opinion)!

They even had a Santa Claus on hand, a stand selling hot chocolate, tractor rides, and a wooden train for the kiddos to play on.
X loved it there!
If it wasn't freezing we would have stayed longer for X to play.
He especially enjoyed looking at the cows on the farm.
So not like his mommy there! lol!
Farm land = Yes! Farm animals = NO WAY!!! lol!

We then went home to snuggle and watch the Browns game.
We should have stayed at the tree farm is all I have to say about that game :(
The rest of the evening was spent being lazy.
Perfect way to end the weekend!
Of course I had to get a red cup Sunday morning after our pictures!
It has become my weekly tradition :)

How was your weekend?
After visiting the tree farm I am you decorate a fake or real tree?

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  1. That red cup looks so good on you with your aviators, tuque and scarf!

  2. He is so cute!! Sorry to hear there were a lot of rough parts of his day, but like you said, I'm sure he'll only remember the good parts!

  3. I'm sorry his birthday was so rough, but he won't remember those sill time outs, etc! it weird that my HUSBAND would love the ninja turtle gift the "elf" got X?? ;)

  4. What a great weekend! Minus the toddler meltdowns. That picture of him eating a donut in bed, too cute! I can't wait to see your family pictures! I'm sure they are gorgeous! and's cold there. I don't think I would do well in a cold climate.

  5. Hi Vanessa. Good to see your still blogging away. Time sometimes gets the best of me. Love all the photos of X. Time flies once you have kids. And don't worry, my Satuday nights consist of the time. Hope to meet up sometime soon.

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