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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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What we're eating this week...
Monday - Spaghetti
Tuesday - Taco Bowls @ my in-law's house
Wednesday - Tri tip steaks and red skin potatoes
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Pizzas on the grill

What I'm reminiscing about...
The way it used to!
I am going to make myself sound exceptionally old, but I remember getting to ride in the bed of my dad's truck as a kid.
No, this isn't anyone I know...I couldn't find a good picture to post!

Heck, I remember when my entire softball team would be back there heading to DQ after a game.
Speaking of games and treats....parents didn't bring the treat to the games.
At the end of the game they would tell you could pick out anything at the concession stand for $1-2 per kid.
Or if you went to DQ for treat they did the same thing.
I wasn't a big fan of soft serve ice cream (still not), so I always would get a hot dog with ketchup and a small grape Mr. Misty (now called Artic Rush I believe).

And my brother would always order a crazy cake (personal ice cream cake in a cup), now called cupcakes I believe when he went with his team.

What I'm loving...
Have you tried this stuff yet?
I might be totally late to the game, but this is seriously SO GOOD!
X and I both love it and can't get enough!
This flavor is our favorite and we eat it by itself :)

But my treat almost every single night before bed are one of these wonderful things!
They are perfect for summer!

What we've been up to...
T-ball and birthday parties have been on our schedule all month long!

I am ready for a break, but I am sure I will miss it all in just a couple of weeks.

We also took X to see his first movie in the theater - Captain Underpants!

What I'm dreading...
The dentist.
I went in once again this week to see if they could fix the pain/soreness that I am still having from the crown I had to get back in April.
Praying this time will be it for awhile :/

What I'm working on...
My health.
These last few months something has changed.
I am not sure if something is wrong with my metabolism or worse, but it isn't fun that's for sure.
I have been really pushing myself to workout every day (besides to be healthier, I need the stress relief) and really be mindful about what or how much I am eating.
It has been about a month now and I have no changes.
My clothes actually feel tighter than ever :(
It might be time to call my doctor.

What I'm excited about...
An adult weekend getaway that we recently just booked with some friends.
It isn't until October, but a girl can still be excited about it right?
We are heading to Nashville and I can't wait!
We were only there for a day last time so I am super excited to go back with friends for what I am sure will be a great time!

What I'm watching/reading...
Trying to finish the Pretty Little Liars series before I find out through social media the outcome!
Last week's episode recorded, but the sound is messed up :(
So I need to find time to binge watch the last 3 hours!
Other than that, I am still watching Glee on Netflix.
I am currently on season 4 out of 6, and I am started to see a couple here and there that I caught when the show originally aired.
Over the weekend Mic and I started watching Barnwood Builders on a whim, and ended up watching 3 episodes in a row.
And all three of us watched Spartan together and we are hooked!

What I'm listening to...
This came on my Sirius app and X couldn't help dancing to it!

The channel that plays in our lobby at work must play this song at least once a day!

X and I can't help but belt this one out every time it comes on the radio.

But nothing competes with Jurassic World for X!
He still loves this song and knows every single word of it!

What I'm wearing...
For the last few weeks I have been wearing tanks and shorts because it was seriously hot and humid!
But this week is super cool, so I am wearing jeans and jackets everywhere.
And I am trying to add my new earrings in any chance I get!

What I'm doing this weekend...
We are celebrating my niece's 1st Birthday!
 Here she is at 1 month old...
and then 11 months!
She is getting so big!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Not only do I get to have a couple extra days off during the week, but I just love all the red, white & blue!
Clothing, food, etc.!
And I am going to see Luke Bryan with my dad and step mom!
I can't wait!

What else is new...
I chopped some more hair off.
I didn't go as short as I originally wanted to, but I think it is a good fit for me right now :)

Bonus Question: What's your favorite July 4th tradition?
I absolutely loved getting to go see fireworks on July 4th every year as a kid!
Unfortunately, over my adult years I haven't been able to do it nearly as much as I would like.
But thanks to X, I try to plan as best as I can to take him to see them :)

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