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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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There are good, bad, and ugly homes.
And then there is my home.
It is rough!!!

If you are new around here, we moved into my husband's childhood home almost 2 years ago.
That home is a 40+ year old home in the country that has never, ever been updated.
We do not have a furnace or AC.
And as of this year, we have a pool that no longer is able to be used.

Thankfully, we are in planning mode currently for the remodel that we are (fingers crossed) to begin next Spring!

Today I am going to give you a very small peek into my home.
Honestly, it just isn't a space that I am proud of or that represents me so I don't like to show it.
I don't even invite friends over because to me, it is embarrassing.
Fingers crossed that will be changing soon!

So here it goes...

This is part of my kitchen.
Yes, that is a dish washer in the wall.
Believe it or not that dishwasher and microwave/oven combo are the only things in the ENTIRE house that have ever been updated in the life of the home (40+ years old).
 And check out that giant space under the oven...
It is because they don't make anything to fit the space that was available, so there is just an open space :(

Oh, this cook top :(
I swear it will be the death of me!
Two burners people! That is it!
It is a 1976 Jenn Aire that of course does not have replacement parts available.
My in-laws told me they broke the other burner piece many years ago, but didn't feel the need to replace it because they didn't use them that much.
Honestly, these burners are so small my normal size pots and pans don't fit!

On to the pantry...

Again this home was built in the 70's.
They must have used A LOT of canned goods back then!
 Most of the shelves can only hold items that are the size of a can of soup.
There are a couple taller shelves, but they are super narrow.
And things fall out all the time because there isn't a thick edge to hold things in place :(

I even have a bin on the counter to hold extra items that just can't seem to fit in there.

The other weird to me thing is the amount of windows and doors we have in this house!
Oh, and I can't forget about all the pink flooring.
Pink carpet, pink tile, pink tub, etc.

This picture was taken when my in-laws were in the process of moving out.
We even have a pink wall!

Like I said above, it is embarrassing.
But thankfully we are working on our plans for the remodel :)
Mic has been doing a lot of the design work through a computer program and it is pretty much done.
So now we are focusing on materials :)

We actually headed to a local shop over the weekend to check out samples and such.
Love the samples we brought home with us!

This is the look of the floor we are going for...

Here are a few more of the ideas we are planning on incorporating into our remodel...

Mic and I both LOVE these black pane windows!

So I seem to be in the minority on this one, but I absolutely love red brick!
I always have!
We have to have support columns throughout the house, so I would love them to be wrapped in red brick!

Actually, I am planning on having a red brick surround/arch over top of my stove :)

What do you think of red brick?
Do you prefer painted brick?

While there are definitely a lot more updates we are planning for the house, I will leave that for another day.
I will be posting the before, after, and in between photos when we get closer :)

One last thing on our list as of this year is a new pool.
We are thinking something super simple, low maintenance, and much more shallow than our current pool.

Have you remodeled your home?
Any tips, tricks, ideas, etc. you may have I would greatly appreciate!

And you can head here to check out all my posts about our old home :)

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek into my world :)

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