Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What, Why & more...

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Today's randomness is a lot of What's, Why's and more.

What happened to the LIKE button on Pinterest and where did all my LIKED items go?
Actually, I found the answer here.
But it doesn't mean I like it :(
I loved that little heart button.

Thankfully, my likes aren't gone forever but I don't like not having that option anymore.

How do you feel about the big change on Pinterest?

Why is it such a big deal if I say we have a pool at our house?
And why is it some how cooler to go to a pool than to have one at your house?
When I was a kid we had a pool at our house.
Actually, so did most of my friends.
We swam All.The.Time!!!!
There was a community pool that you could join, but the only time I went there as a kid was to take swimming lessons before we put our pool in.

So fast forward to today and we have a pool at our house.
Reminder, this is Mic's childhood home and it is the same pool that he grew up with.
When he was a kid he had friends over from time to time, but they typically went to a community pool to see all their friends, flirt with girls, etc.
That seems so odd to me.
I am pretty cheap, so I can't imagine spending money on a membership to a community pool when you have one in your backyard.
Just invite those friends over!
Am I missing something?

Back to that first question...why is it weird if I say we have a pool?
We do have one.
Granted, right now it is a hot mess and not working correctly, but it is still there.

I told Mic how someone asked me what pool we belonged to and I said "we don't". And that we have an old one at our house.
He was like, "you don't tell someone you have one".
What the what?
Why not?
I am by no means bragging that I have one...I really laid it out how old it was.

Also, why do I feel like I am being looked down upon because I don't belong to a pool?
Ugh! I may never understand it :/

Do you have a pool at your house?
Do you belong to a community pool?
Am I am completely out of my mind on all of this?
Before you answer that last question, read the rest of this post ;)

Why is it so hard for some people to tell the truth?
Especially about something that won't hurt or upset someone!

Seriously, I get you don't want to hurt some one's feelings, but isn't the truth better than lying?

Please don't tell me you are going somewhere and then just don't show up because you never intended to go, but couldn't face just saying so.
Or don't tell you like something if you don't.
Etc, etc.!

Plain and simple....don't lie to me.
And don't try to sugar coat things either.
Give me the truth.
Trust me, I will respect you for it.

I felt very Peter Griffin like writing this post ;)

And now I want to know...What grinds your gears?

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