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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

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Today is all about the daily struggles in life, motherhood, work, etc.
I feel there are so many things I could list in this post!
So let's jump right in!

Washing my feet before getting into bed.
Even if I wore my closed toe Sketchers, do not expect me to put my feet under the covers until I have washed them with soap and water.
Unfortunately, I can't control Mic on this matter nearly as much as I would like but thankfully still have the upper hand when it comes to X ;)

I struggle buying new clothes or shoes for myself.
I seriously hate shopping, but seriously need to update my wardrobe in every way.
I love Stitch Fix, but I don't get enough for my money...#imkindofcheap
I want quantity over quality most the time when it comes to clothes because I like LOTS of options.

I sit at a desk all day long.
Every now and then I get up and talk to our receptionist, or go ask Mic a question.
But most days I am just sitting there at my desk staring working at my computer.
So I snack :( UGH!
After doing math all day and filling out legal documents I am so stinkin' bored!
Twizzlers are my weakness!
I seriously pick up two packages every weekend at the grocery store and they don't even make it to Friday!

I have never understood how someone can go workout with makeup, jewelry, hair done, etc.
I am a sweaty mess!
Typically I am dripping with sweat, my hair falls out of my ponytail or bun a million times even with a stretchy headband's help.
Even for t-ball games I am drenched by the end of the game from all that running around with the kiddos.

I can't commit to those running shorts or spandex shorts.
What happened to basketball shorts?
I am a 90's girl who doesn't care to wear skin tight clothing every moment of the day.
I need loose shorts to run around in, coach t-ball, etc.
I am seriously wearing the same ones I had in high school because I can't find them anymore :(

And last, but certainly not least...bath time.
While I love the fact that X doesn't like anyone else giving him a bath, it still drives me nuts!
I swear the whole stinkin' process is an hour long (or more)!
I get the water ready, tell him it is time to get in, then proceed to tell him another million times before he actually stops dancing around and being silly before he even gets his clothes off!
Then there is more dancing before he actually gets in the tub.
Once in there, he then proceeds to say he just wants to play, play, play.
I finally get him cleaned, rinsed off and fight with him to get out of the tub.
Even when drying him off and gettting his pj's on is a production.
It is exhausting!

But then I think to myself that I won't get this time with him for very much longer,
he is just 5 years old,
let him be silly,
and be thankful he is a happy kid :)
That is what it is all about after all..right?

What do you struggle with?
I just thought of a million more things I could list now :/
Maybe I will do a part 2 in the future! lol!

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