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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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How do I keep my kid entertained all summer?

Send them to the babysitter! lol!
I hate to say it, but I am being honest.
I work outside of the home full-time, so I have to send X to a babysitter all day, every day of the summer.

Last year we had someone come to our home so X could be home to enjoy his own things, but that meant no other interaction with kids.
They did go to the library, park and gym but that just wasn't enough for my social butterfly.

This year we are sending him to someone else's home who has two little girls.
She has been amazing so far!
Almost every day they are going somewhere or doing activities together.
And even though she has girls, X seems to be having a great time :)

They went to Kingwood Center and walked with the peacocks and made crafts...

They picked up passes for Cinemark's Summer Movie Clubhouse...

They burn off some energy at the local parks or the gym on Wednesdays...

They enjoy picnics, ducks, and fish at Clearfork Reservoir...

They do crafts like making slime, coloring and painting...

And they even do some old fashioned fun like running through the sprinkler :)

Other plans include a trip to Cosi!
I am so jealous of this one because when I was a kid I would see the commercial and so badly want to go so I could make my hair do this....

And they might even join some friends at a local pool on those extra hot days!

And so much more!

Aside from having fun with the babysitter, X is in T-ball,
he has lots of birthday parties this summer to go to,
and he is currently in a two week Safety Town program through the school :)

What activities do you have planned for your kiddos?

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