Friday, June 16, 2017

Be Happy, It Drives People Crazy!

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Over the weekend X and I ran a few errands and had to make a stop in my least favorite store, Walmart.
However, they bumped themselves up my list when X and I were able to pick up some of our very favorite ice cream!
It is Toft's Super Duper Scoop, but it will always be #superman to us!

I also picked up a new, super cheap blender while we were there.
Side note: I picked up an amazing Ninja blender about year before we moved to our current home.
Unfortunately, ever since the move I can't find all the pieces to use it! :(
I do not believe they will be gone forever, but I really needed a blender.
So I grabbed a cheap one and immediately tested it out over the weekend by making my favorite summer cocktail :)

After going gaga over my Nickel & Suede earrings I picked up a few weeks ago, I was on the hunt for some more super lightweight options.
I found Leafy Treetop Leather Co on Etsy and immediately fell in love!
I ordered the mini camo tear drop ones and the distressed brown leather rectangles.
I swear they were here like 2 days later!
And they even came with another pair of earrings because they are celebrating their birthday!
You all know I have a thing for all things camo!
These are easily my most favorite earring I have ever owned!

I picked up X from the babysitter the other day and he stated they were watching Chopped on the Food Network.
He came home and couldn't wait to make something.
Does anyone else freak out when their kid wants to "cook"?
The mess, the wasted food, the time, etc. UGH!
Thankfully, we had a few things we could throw together and TA DA...strawberry parfaits!
I loved seeing how proud my favorite little guy was of himself!

I linked up with Andrea for Show & Tell Tuesday and talked about some of my daily struggles.
One of those being my love for my favorite treat...

Also on Tuesday, it rained. A LOT!
We had flash flood and severe thunderstorm warnings from about 1-10pm!
I have never driven through so much standing water or flowing water!
This was our creek when X and I arrived home...

And this is how things looked about 10 minutes later...

Another 10 minutes and it was flowing across our driveway!
It was nuts!
Storms like this one are not my favorite!
Thankfully, there was no damage and we never lost power.
The rain stopped after awhile and all that water receded pretty quickly.

For Workin' It Wednesday, it was all about how to keep your kiddos entertained over the summer.
Simple, get a babysitter to handle it for you! lol!
Seriously, they are going to some of mine and X's favorite spots every week!

Another week, more Instagram Favorites :)

I have found myself listening to my Sirius radio on my phone a lot while I am at work.
This past week there have been quite a few throwback favorites getting me through the day :)

Localish ladies, don't forget to check out my giveaway yesterday for The Met summer series!

X has been attending Safety Town this week at his future elementary school and is loving it!
I mean, when you get to hang out with some of your favorite people - policemen and firemen - you know it is going to be a good week!
I decided to take off Thursday to get a few things done and hangout with him for a bit, so I surprised him by picking up some of his favorite blueberry donuts!

I wish you could smell the sweet sugary goodness through your screens because these truly are AMAZING!!!

When I was picking X up at the school they gave me this letter stating who his Kindergarten teacher will be!
We are so stinkin' excited for the school year to start!
We opened it in the car because we just couldn't wait!
Unfortunately, it stated he was attending Kindergarten in the afternoon and that is incorrect so we don't know if he will have this teacher or not :(
Fingers crossed this mix up is settled soon so we can get ready for what we anticipate to be his most favorite year of school yet!

And on that note, I am calling it a week!
We have a t-ball game, birthday party, and graduation party all on Saturday, and then it is time to celebrate our favorite dads on Sunday!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your Father's Day celebrations with the guys in your life!

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