Friday, June 23, 2017

My hair is a mess to match my life...

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Is it me, or do you find yourself disconnecting from your phone/camera since it is summer?
While taking pictures of my favorite people and things are great, I notice I am doing it less lately.

It could be that it is summer and I am just too stinkin' hot to do it.
Or it could be that I am coaching t-ball, so I can't be holding onto my phone while out on the field.
Or it could be that I am just trying to enjoy the moment and be in it.

I didn't take a single picture all weekend long!
We had t-ball, a birthday party and a graduation party all on Saturday and I never took my phone out.
Even on Father's Day it just laid there.

I will try to do better at taking some pics for this blog, but at the same time...#sorrynotsorry
as I enjoy living in the now :)

This month's Tuesday Talk had me asking a few What's Why's and more... 
My not so favorite Why...

You know giveaways are always a favorite!
Well all summer long I will be giving away tickets to The MET Summer Encore Series to local Cleveland area theaters!
This week is MACBETH!

X has been attending Safety Town for the last two weeks and he has absolutely loved it!
From hopping in police cars, to checking out fire trucks and has truly been one of his favorite weeks so far this summer!
Thursday morning they had a little graduation ceremony where they sang a few songs and received a medal and certificate for completing the program :)

Another week, means more Instagram, Facebook, and Sirius radio favorites :)

Please tell me you remember this song!
Oh, I just loved it as a kid!

And I feel I NEED this tee!

Package arrival  notices are my favorite!

I ordered a few pairs of shoes to try out and they arrived this week :)
Unfortunately, I haven't had time to actually try them on or take pictures they will be hitting the blog next week.

And that is it for this week!
We have more t-ball and more birthday parties this weekend!
Welcome to summer my friends!
Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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