Monday, January 30, 2017

Weekend Recap | At Home Fun

Hello Monday morning!
While this past weekend was just a regular one, boy did it feel long!
I don't think I have been at home that much in one weekend...ever! lol!
And it actually wasn't that bad ;)

On Friday evening Mic and I decided to build a fort for X in our dining/living room.
Oh my goodness did he love it!
We even put the TV inside there!

We signed into Netflix and had a fun family movie night in our little big fort!

Saturday was a lot of nothing until it was time for X and I to go to a play date :)
He had so much fun with his little friend from school!
They played, enjoyed pizza and some healthy stuff too!
All while I made a new friend as well :)
It was a great evening for both of us.

Sunday morning I did my typical grocery shopping before heading out with Mic and his dad to get a load of wood.
When we were done with everything we had dinner at my in-laws house.
Cabbage rolls are one of my favorite things!
Thankfully I was able to restrain myself and only have two!

Sunday evening X and I watched a little of the Pro Bowl together :)
I heard there was an awards show on, but that really isn't my speed ;)

It is hard to see/read in the pic I took of the TV, but one of our Cleveland Browns is up there!
Joe Thomas has been selected to the Pro Bowl in all of his 10 seasons!
There are only 4, FOUR other players that have done that!
While the Browns aren't the greatest team out there, they always have my heart.
And I am beyond proud of this guy representing my team :)

And that was it for the weekend!
Man did it feel longer than what it was!

How was your weekend?
Was it low key or full of crazy?

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