Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday Talk | Home Decor

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Hey ladies!
Over the weekend my husband and I were looking at some new home decor items and have different opinions on what is out of style or not.
So, I am asking all of you what your thoughts are :)

First, does your husband have a say in your home decor?
And/or does he care?

Now onto the bigger questions....

I know home decor is personal preference, but I still wonder how you feel when you see things like the items below :)

Galvanized Metal

Wooden Signs


Do you have pieces like the photos above in your home?
What kind of vibe do those pieces give you?
Are these styles played out?


  1. Metal letters and wood signs....totally probably have more than I should!!

  2. Wood signs, metal letters. I have a client who's basement we are doing in an rustic industrial style. It's going to be super cool. I totally love all these things when incorporated well! :)