Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weekend Recap | Hands Up!

Happy Monday Tuesday Wednesday!
Despite not being able to shake this cold/head congestion thing,
we seemed to get a lot done this weekend and have a little fun :)

Last week X's school was working on the letter "J", so they got to wear their jammies to school on Thursday and Friday.
He was pumped!

Day 1 he rocked his new TMNT jammies from my brother :)
Of course we couldn't take any pictures without pretending to be a bad guy :/
Does or did everyone else's child go through this obsession with bad guys?

Day 2 jammies :)

On Saturday X went to my in-laws house and Mic and I got to work on finally getting all the Christmas decor put away.
We were done before X came back home, so we decided to check out the little old house on our property before it got dark.
It rained like crazy last week and things were flooded all over town.
Thankfully there wasn't any water or wind damage to our house, this little 200 year old house, or our barn.
Yes, the house I am standing in in the following pictures is about 200 years old!!!
This is just the basement, so someday I will get around to taking pictures of the actual living space.
Look at those real wood beams!!!
And all that rock!

And that pile of coal!
No one has lived in this home for many years, but that pile is still there!

Once X got home we watched some playoff football and then called it a night.

X hung out with my in-laws again on Sunday, so it meant Mic and I were able to get some more work done around the house, office work done, and run some errands.
We did take a late lunch together at our favorite Japanese Steakhouse and I was able to wear my new top from my latest Stitch Fix :)

After errands we picked up our little guy and headed back home to watch more football!!!

We took the day off on Monday to spend with our guy :)
He has been talking about going to Chuck E. Cheese forever!
So we finally gave in and took him on Monday.
Apparently, the same day as the rest of our town. lol!
He was so excited!

He loved trying out all the games, but once he and Mic found the Jurassic Park game they were in heaven!

He had so much fun and is already asking when he can go back!
After wards, the boys got haircuts and then we headed to Hobby Lobby :)
I absolutely loved this metal and wood deer sign, but I wasn't sure if I could change the color of the wood in the future so I decided to pass on it.
But I am on the hunt for something similar.
Do you know of anyone/Etsy shop/etc. that makes similar signs?

And that was our weekend!
Did you get to have a long weekend?
What did you do?


  1. What a great weekend! I'm still trying to get Christmas down. Actually it's all down, now I need to put the bins away, and take the trees down (fake). After that we're done...My kids love Chuck E Cheese. What kid doesn't?

  2. Love X's jammies, what a fun couple of days at school! :) And did I read that right.. you won't leave the house in yoga pants? I need lessons from you lol!

  3. PJ's to school?! Heck yes! :) I hope you meant you can't leave home WITHOUT yoga pants because that's definitely me. I like them a little TOO much lol!!