Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday Favorites | Mic Edition

In honor of Mic's birthday today, I decided to post some of my favorite things about him :)

Wow! This is tough! lol!
Not because I don't have things I like about him, but the things I like about him are sometimes hard to describe.
Does that make sense?

He is confident.
I mean, like truly confident with himself.
When I first met him I honestly thought he was a bit arrogant.
I mean, I had never met someone who was actually confident instead of pretending to be.
Well, at such a young age.
For someone who has struggled with self confidence my entire life, it is refreshing to be around someone who doesn't.
Granted, that also means I am in the spot light more times than I would like to be ;)

He has an amazing vocabulary.
He finds this weird, but it is nuts!
I don't feel that I am an idiot, but most days...well, like every day, I have to use context clues to understand the words he uses.
Seriously, context clues!!!
I feel like I am in school again! lol!

He is a planner.
Technically, he actually is a financial planner but he plans out everything in life.
Some may call it luck, but he just has things planned out really well.
Coming from another person who likes to plan things I truly appreciate it!

He makes me laugh.
He can definitely drive me crazy too, but boy he can crack me up!

He is an amazing dad.
This kid swears he hung the moon...and some days I think so too.

He is my best friend.
We communicate everything with each other.
We always have.
While that can lead to arguments, it also leads to resolving many issues that may arise.
We can say things to each other that we would never say to someone else.
We are constantly wanting to make sure the other has a great time doing whatever we may be doing.
And he is by far my very favorite travel companion!
We could ride around in a car for days and days together and just have the best time :)

I know this list sounds kind of weird, but its the truth :)

So Happy 39th Birthday Mic!
X and I love you so much and wish you the most amazing year yet!
But I am sure you have that already planned ;)

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  1. So sweet! My mr. is the same the vocabulary, I call him my human diction, he knows how to spell everything and he knows the meaning of everything. I have yet to find a word he doesn't know the meaning of. so I totally get the context clues, LOL