Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Skincare Options

I have been using Rodan & Fields products for almost a year now, and decided now was a good time to come out of the closet so to speak.
First, I don't sell it.
Second, I order my products through someone I have never met.
Maybe its me, but I don't like to order things through someone I know in fear that I may not like whatever it is and have to cancel or stop purchasing.
I know, its weird.

I started with the Soothe Regimen and Multi-Function eye cream that was recommended, and then gradually worked my way up to the Reverse and Redefine products.

You are about to see some scary photos.
Please be prepared ;)

So here I am on my first day of using the Soothe regimen.
Look at all that redness!
 The main reason I decided to try Rodan & Fields products was because I was tired of trying to cover up all that red with makeup.
I love being able not to wear makeup all the time, so I was willing to give these products a try!

And here I am after 30 days of using the Soothe line.
Sorry for the bad lighting in this picture....but I do see a difference!
While I still had quite a bit of redness on and around my nose, the rest of my face definitely improved.

 Fast forward about 60-120 and I have now made it through both the Soothe and Reverse Regimens.
Again, sorry for the poor lighting in the photos.

 And here I am just a few days ago after completing 60 days of the Redefine Regimen.

Yes, I have some light makeup on in the photo above but I am talking LIGHT!
Yes, my nose area still has some redness that I need to cover up but otherwise I feel the Soothe line works really well.
The Reverse Regimen left my skin with a nice glow to it.
And finally the Redefine Regimen was so-so for me.
While I absolutely love the eye cream and how well all of the products from Rodan & Fields keep my skin moisturized, I just don't think it is a perfect fit for me.
I guess I feel like there have to products out there for those lovely crow's feet, or for those lines right between my eye brows!

So now I am on the hunt for Skincare products again!
So I am calling on all you ladies to help a girl out :)
What eye creams do you use, work, and love?
What anti-aging products do you love?

I definitely plan on using the Rodan & Fields products during this process, so if you use those I would love to hear what ones you use and how.
Maybe there is a better combination of the products that I haven't tried yet :)


  1. I loved your seeing your review....as for skincare, I never really stick to one product...but I have always loved the Mary Kay stuff.

  2. I just started the Rodan and fields at the beginning of december! Really liking it so far, I started with Define because I won it from Shelly! But might move to reverse when I'm out to see if I can get rid of some brown spots around my eyes. I think it worked great for you! Sorry no help with what to use next, but looking good, maybe just stick to the reverse?

  3. Vanessa the most important thing is to definitely add something with Vitamin C every day to go along with our moisturizer. And be consistent with washing your face. I suck at washing my face at night and had really gotten in a great habit until my clarisonic broke!! One month without it and I can tell a huge difference in how my skin is looking.