Monday, January 23, 2017

The Weekend | Family, Food & Football

Hello Monday afternoon!
We had a full, fun, and food filled weekend!

Thursday morning I had to swing through Kroger on my way to work so I started off my day with my very favorite drink :)

We went to dinner with Mic's parents and X on Friday night to celebrate his birthday.
Our food was great and it was a relaxing evening.
So much so I didn't take a single picture! :(

On Saturday, X and I headed north to meet my dad, step mom, brother, SIL, and niece for lunch :)
I enjoyed a nice cold adult beverage, but I wasn't a fan of that glass at all!
I swear someone was trying to mess with me with that snake on there! lol!

This kid was great the entire time!
The million TV's with sports on them definitely helped, but boy was he good!

Funny to think how much X has grown since he was as small has his cousin Lily!

After resting for a bit once we were back home, I headed out for a solo trip to Target :)
Starbucks was of course consumed while on this trip! lol!

Don't mind my super dusty car, but I had to take a pic of that temp!
Saturday and Sunday reached highs in the lower 60's!
It definitely felt like Spring!

X is still wanting to cook
I finally picked up something he was interested in making :)
Ninja Turtle Cookies!

He was so proud!
Oh, and don't mind the complete mess behind X.
I still have no idea where to put all that "junk" :(

The rest of the day was filled with Football, meal prep, and fort building!

Now that the teams are set, who are you cheering for in the Superbowl?
Atlanta Falcons or New England Patriots?


  1. Yay for a great weekend and lots of fun family time! Happy week!

  2. I wouldn't like that glass either- lol, yuck!! Looks like a good weekend though... now I want a fun Starbucks drink!