Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Year's Goals

 Hello Friends!
I am super excited for a fresh start on...everything! lol!
What better way to start a new year, but with some new goals :)
I am joining Shay & Erika today for their new link up series...

As you can see from that list above, the prompt for today is New Year's Goals!

Just like everyone else under the sun of course I want to get back to eating healthier, making more meals at home, working out, etc., etc.
But here are some other goals that I have set for myself as well.

Reading More
I ordered this book for myself after seeing Shay and a few others mention it this past year.
Do any of you read this book?
If so, I would love to hear how you are reading it.
I am currently on the two year plan :)

I also have these two to read as well :)

Project New Shoes
So I am totally one of those moms/people that always wants/needs to update something that is seriously outdated or non-functioning in my closet, but then finds something that X needs instead.
Getting new shoes, especially for work and working out have been put off for way too long!
I am talking at least 5 years people! :(
Any suggestions on cute gym shoes and/or walking shoes are greatly appreciated!

New Workout Options
I like to vary my workouts because I get bored really easy.
I still have my 21 Day Fix workouts, but I picked up a few new DVDs as well to add into the mix.

And I ordered this book and foam roller from Amazon :)

foam roller

And of course I will be using my new cookbook to meal plan  :)

What are your goals for 2017?


  1. Girl. I started The One Year Bible on Jan 1st. I love it. Sometimes, I feel like I'm reading to read and don't really digest what I've read, so I need to do it when it's quiet and I can process. I also read The Magnolia Story and loved it so so much!
    I got those exact Nikes for Christmas and have a purple pair from last year. They are so so comfortable.

  2. Magnolia Story is so good! I read it on a long weekend! And I have those sketchers on my list for our Disney trip this summer!

  3. I was going to buy The magnolia story this morning but couldn't remember my husbands amazon password to get free shipping, haha! :) Yay for new year, new goals.

  4. I love Skechers Go walks, I have about five or six pairs in my closet right now. They are ridiculously comfortable! I need to read Magnolia Story. I feel like everyone has read it and i only hear good things!