Thursday, January 19, 2017

January Stitch Fix Review

I received a gift card from my lovely mother for Stitch Fix so I couldn't wait to order my next box!
I must say, after my last box I was anxious to see if I would get my old stylist back.
And if I would get items I requested.

I always go for the style card first.
Unfortunately, Erin wasn't available so Ali gave it a try.

And now for trying it all on...

Up first is the Dark Green Laila Jayde Busby Cowl Neck Zipper Detail Knit Top $58 and the Just Black Cordelia Skinny Jean in black $78.

I was super excited that I finally received some black skinny jeans, and the green on that top was great!
Unfortunately, those jeans looked like and felt like someone else may have tried them on and sent them back. They were a little stretched out in the waist and I just wasn't feeling it so I returned them.
I loved the zipper detail of the top, but the overall shape on me felt weird so I returned it as well.

Next up is the 41Hawthorn Kavanagh tie Neck Blouse in Grey $54
Now I don't mind leopard/cheetah prints, but this was a bit much for me with the gray background.
Plus, if you would have heard Mic's reaction to the print you would have sent it back too! lol!

Papermoon Wigan Shoulder Zip Knit Top in Black $48
Loved this at first sight, so I was really hoping it fit well...and it did!!! :)
I, of course kept it!

Pixley Ashton Crochet Lace Kimono in Black $48
Umm, no.
So I don't mind the crochet/lace look, but the open front was a no from the start for me.
I prefer tops/sweaters/etc that close.
So it was returned.

In the end I only kept one top, and due to the fix before that not being up to par my style fee was waived for this box.
So I paid the cost of the top I liked and kept, and sent the rest back free of charge.

Now I do have another fix on its way to me because that gift card is burning a hole in my pocket! lol!
Fingers crossed it is great!
I did ask to have Ali again in hopes that she understands my style preferences a little better this time around.
We shall see!

Do you subscribe to Stitch Fix?
Do you like it?
Do you subscribe to any other clothing boxes I should try?

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  1. I really like that Papermoon Wigan Shoulder Zip Knit Top. I like the first top too, even though you returned it. I don't subscribe to Stitch Fix because I'm a cheapskate.