Wednesday, February 1, 2017

January Stitch Fix #2 Review

After I received my last fix and didn't have much luck, I thought let's give it another shot.
Another fix, unfortunately another stylist :(
If you remember from my last fix, I requested to have Ali again.
While it wasn't perfect, I thought she got my style for the most part.

So here is my review for box #2 

First up is this striped sweater and light wash skinny jeans.
It is hard to tell from the lighting, but that those stripes across the body are black not purple.
And those stripes on the arms are pink.
Let me back up and review with you my thoughts on pink <insertalltheyuckyfaceshere>

My profile clearly states not to send me anything in any shade of pink.
Take the pink away and the sweater isn't all that bad.
But it was a bit roomier than I would like.

As for the jeans, I liked the minimal distressing and even the zippers weren't too bad.
However, they were mid rise at the waist.
Again, something I have stated in my profile that I don't like :(

41HAWTHORN Lizzy Colorblock Striped Sweater - $68 - RETURNED
PISTOLA Tory Distressed Ankle Zip Skinny Jean - $88 - RETURNED

Next up is this cold shoulder top that is all the rage these days.
I actually had a similar style top back in middle school.
Let's start with the flowers!
I hate to sound like a broken record, but I am going to.
Again, pink is on my do not send list.
Higher than pink....FLORAL!
JELLA C Clarnella Cold Shoulder Top - $44 - RETURNED

There is no sugar coating this swing top.
Well, maybe...the color was nice.
Other than that, why would you wear this unless you are a stick figure or pregnant?

LE LIS Yosha Thermal Knit Swing Top - $48 - RETURNED

The final item in my box was this camo jacket.
Ok, so maybe this stylist glanced at my Pinterest boards or profile for a second.
I feel like this was thrown in my box just to get me to spend money seeing as the above pieces were 100% not me.

Honestly, this jacket was super cute and I did think about keeping it but then I looked at the price tag.
I just wasn't cute enough worth it.
DEAR JOHN Casco Bomber Jacket - $78 - RETURNED

So believe it or not, I actually sent the entire box back!
First time for everything I guess :/
I think I am going to postpone ordering another Stitch Fix box until Spring.
But, that doesn't mean I am done trying to update my closet! lol!
I think I am going to head back to Evereve Trendsend and see what they decide to send me :)

Do you get a subscription clothing box?
If so, which ones do you get?
Any I should check out?

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