Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tuesday Talk..On A Thursday

I had every intention of having this post ready to go for Tuesday, but then I got sick.
But thankfully the blogging world is pretty forgiving and I am able to post today :)

Linking up with Ashley & Erika for...

Cutting the cord...the cable cord.
I need your help, thoughts, etc. ladies!
I am admittedly a TV junkie.
Specifically a live TV junkie.
Or maybe I should say real time versus live.
I don't watch any reality shows that I need the live part for, but I do watch a lot of sports that I want to see right when they are happening.
Also, there are certain shows I don't want to wait to watch until they are available online or through Netflix.
Example - This Is Us is on Tuesday nights at 9pm EST.
I want to to watch it at 9pm EST.

My husband thinks all of this is crazy.
He wants to cut the cable cord.
Technically for us it isn't cable, it is DirecTV since we live in the country.
Either way, he wants to get rid of it.

Do you all have cable, DirecTV, or something else?
If you don't have one of these services, what do you have?
How do you watch "your" shows?
How about your kids?
And because I am a tomboy, how do your husbands watch live sporting events?

Right now I am winning this battle in our house, but I do like to save money and understand the idea of cutting the cord.
But I just can't do it yet!

So again, I need your help!
How do you manage this in your home?
Do you use an Amazon Fire Stick?
Do you have Netflix?
Give me all the details please :)

Thanks for your anticipated help!

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