Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday Favorites | Valentines

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On Monday I recapped a super fun weekend with friends :)
It also included my favorite cupcakes from Kroger!
Yes, I said Kroger!
They are SO GOOD! And cheap!

X and I had to run a few errands and he came across this helmet in Ollie's.
In Ohio, or at least the Cincinnati area Cincinnati Bearcats and Xavier Musketeers don't mix.
He's such a trendsetter ;)

We of course had fun with X's favorite app this week!
And his favorite filter is back!

I see this image all the time, but this weekend it definitely spoke to me more than others.

But my favorite Instagram image/quote/whatever you want to call it of the week is this one...
I may have laughed out loud when I first read it :)

On Wednesday I linked up for Workin' It Wednesday and talked about how Mic and I work at our marriage.
One of my favorite things that works for us is definitely not something most of our friends would ever do!

Thursday night we worked on X's valentines for his class and teacher.
Valentines are tricky when you can't attach food or candy of any kind.
But we made it work :)

Here are X's valentines from previous years...

2016 - Disney Puzzles were perfect for 3-4 year old preschoolers

2015 - 3 years old - X was at daycare so food/snacks were allowed :)

 2014 - 2 years old - We had fun with Hot Wheels and Cars fruit snacks!

2013 - 1 year old - For X's first Valentine exchange we kept things simple and shared one of his favorite snacks at the time.

Fast foward to this year...
X was writing out his own valentines. SO CUTE!!!!!
Definitely my top favorite moment of the week :)

And here is our finished valentines for 2017!
I used this printable I found on Pinterest and just picked up some glow sticks/straws in the dollar section at Kroger.
Not exactly how I envisioned, but they are still pretty cute :)

And one year I made this for Mic :)

And that has been our week!
Looking forward to a date night with Mic on Saturday evening.
We are headed north to go out to dinner and then to the Easton Corbin concert :)

What are you doing this weekend?
Do your kids have a Valentine's Day party today?
If so, what kind of valentines did they make/bring to school?
I would love to see them in the comments below!

Happy Weekend Friends!
Leaving you with a song I have had on repeat all week
New favorite for sure :)

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