Monday, February 6, 2017

Weekend Recap | Fun with Friends

Anyone else feel like they are still asleep?
This weekend was exhausting, but quite a bit of fun too!
Let's recap!

On Friday evening we hung out with some friends who we haven't seen in way too long!
It was great to catch up and meet their newest addition.
We had such a good time just living in the moment that I only took one picture.
X had a blast with their two older kids :)
And we all enjoyed a yummy dinner.

After a later night on Friday we were slow moving Saturday morning.
I got X some breakfast, a cup of coffee for myself, and we turned on some cartoons and played Lego's.

Once Mic was up this kid was all about playing with his Hot Wheels track he got for Christmas.
X was so excited every time the cars would crash into each other :)

On Saturday evening I joined some friends for a Traveling Vineyard party.
To be honest, I am not a big wine person.
I am typically a cocktail or cider beer kind of girl, so this was definitely out of my comfort zone.
My friend Lindsay did an excellent job on the food that was paired with each wine :)
We tried five wines, six including the bottle Lindsay added.
I wasn't a fan of the whites or the reds.
But I did enjoy all the tips and information that Jennifer gave about the wines, how to taste them, pair with food, etc.

Right when I thought this stuff wasn't for me she brought out this wonderful pink colored wine.
Yes, pink.
I know what you are all thinking...I should have hated it because the color alone.
But instead I LOVED IT!
It was so stinkin' sweet!
Basically the only way I will drink wine! lol!
I ended up ordering two bottles of it :)
Thanks to Lindsay for having me over for such a fun night and for all that yummy food!

Sunday was another slow moving day.
Not because that wine I had, but because I couldn't get my boys to leave our friends house!
It was after 1am when we were finally at home and in bed.

X joined me for my trip to Kroger to get groceries for the week and all the yummy snacks and such for the Super Bowl!
His favorite part of the store is checking out the lobster tank :)

Here he is explaining to me why he prefers the toaster sticks over the mini waffle shaped ones.

Once we got home I got to work on our food for the Super Bowl.
It was just the three of us and my FIL because I am one of those girls people who likes to watch the game without chit-chat ;)
We munched on Ham & Cheese sliders, pizza, chips & dip,

and cupcakes while we cheered on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots!

Sorry to all of you cheering for the Atlanta Falcons :(
Did you all watch the game to the end?
Oh my goodness!
What an ending!!!!

Mic and I were still high off of the excitement of that game, so we watched an episode of Taboo before heading to bed.
Have you heard of it/seen it before?

And look what arrived in the mail this weekend!!!
I finally hit submit on my order the other day on my first pair of Sketchers.
I have only tried them on, but Oh My Goodness do they feel comfy!
I have a feeling these will be my best friend when we go to Disney :)

So how was your weekend?
Did you watch any new shows?
How about the Super Bowl?
What kind of food/snacks did you have?

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