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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What we're eating this week...
Pork Schnitzel & Spaetzle
Going out

What I'm reminiscing about...
All the memories were popping up on Facebook and it just makes me want to plan a trip back there really soon!

What I'm loving...
My cariPRO Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush!

What I'm really loving?
That I am able give one away to one of you all!
Head here to enter to win everything in the picture above (valued at $119!!!)

What we've been up to...
Finishing up Fall soccer with X

 Celebrating Oktoberfest with friends!

 Enjoying the Eagles concert with my dad
Camo top here - Only $20 :)

 Having lunch with X at school!

Look at this cutie over the years!
 2012 (10 months old) - Penguin
2013 - Perry the Platypus (Phinneas & Ferb)
2014 - Michelangelo (TMNT)
2015 - T-Rex
2016 - Blue Ninja
2017 - Tom Brady
2018 - Crackshot Nutcracker (Fortnite)

What I'm dreading...
Driving X to school once the snow comes down.
We live in a very hilly area, and we don't have a good way to get to school without going down one of the big, winding roads :(

What I'm working on...
Birthday and Christmas shopping lists!
November always goes so quickly!
Right after Thanksgiving is X's birthday,
11 days later is my birthday,
and 8 days later is Christmas!
How cute is this printable??

What I'm excited about...
Christmas is coming!!!!

What I'm watching/reading...
Dancing with the Stars, Manifest,
This Is Us, A Million Little Things,
still catching up on The Blacklist,
and Mic just started watching Ozark so I decided to check it out as well.

Have you watched Ozark?
What do you think of it?

What I'm listening to...
All the country and some 70's rock.
I just went to the Eagles concert with my dad and it was an AMAZING show!!!!
And as soon as trick-or-treat was over last week I started pumping all the Christmas music in my office and car!

What I'm wearing...
Lots of booties!

I rocked my new camo booties I picked up on Amazon with my dusty pink jeans from Old Navy, and an olive top from Target.

Another day, another pair of booties!

This time I paired a long plaid tunic from Target,
with some skinny pants from JCP,
and my white booties from Target.

And the weather has been perfect for my faux leather jacket collection ;)
Mine is old, but I paired with an olive sweater (last year) from Old Navy),
my camo leggings (local boutique) and my black booties from Target.

I also pulled out my scarves!
I still love this scarf Shelly gifted me awhile back :)

And I am actually wearing this super cozy long cardigan from Old Navy with my new plaid pumpkin tee (available in mauve or gray long sleeve) right now :)
It is perfect for X's Halloween party at school today!
Similar option from Old Navy available in Regular & Plus Size

Honestly, I never thought I would like long cardigans.
They just don't seem to work well on my curvy shape.
This was actually the first long cardigan I ever purchased (only about 2 years ago),
and it is still my favorite!
And it can easily be dressed up for work or more casual like above.

Do you wear long cardigans?
What is your favorite brand or store to get them?

What I'm doing this weekend...
Celebrating X's friend turn 7 years old!
And hoping to put up our Christmas tree!
Since we don't have anyone in our home for Thanksgiving,
we decorate early so we can enjoy for as long as possible!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
I'm hosting my annual favorite things party,
2017 - 2016 - 2015 

And I am excited for Thanksgiving & Black Friday Shopping too!

What else is new...
X is doing so well in school!
He received his first report card and he got great marks!

In 1st grade they don't give letter grades, so he got all S+'s and M's ;)
Such a proud parent!

Bonus Question: What's your all time favorite Halloween costume?
I'm super traditional when it comes to costumes, so I love all the witches, ghosts, vampires, black cats, bats, devils, etc.
I would totally rock one of those if I were getting dressed up.
My favorite costume that X has had so far would be...

Perry the Platypus from Phinneas & Ferb when he was just under 2 years old :)

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Happy Wednesday & Happy Halloween!

XOXO ~ Vanessa

Fiery Friday

Friday, October 26, 2018

Another week, another Friday.
That also means another week to share some of my favorites!


I headed north on Saturday to attend the Eagles concert with my dad.
But first, we needed to eat!
We headed downtown and decided to stay close to the arena since it was raining when we arrived.
We walked into The Winking Lizard, put our names in and grabbed a drink.
One thing I liked is that they text you to confirm you name on the list, but it also included a link to your spot on the list.
After finishing our drink and seeing how far down we were on the list, we pulled our name and headed across the street to one of my favorite places - Panini's!
Because this location isn't a sit down restaurant we were able to walk right up and order our drinks and food.
We found some seats and a few minutes later our food was ready!

This is about the only way I will let my food touch! lol!

We had plenty of time to finish our food before heading over to The Q.
Drinks in hand...we were ready for the show!

And what a show it was!!!!
There was no opener.
Just The Eagles doing their thing for a solid 2 1/2 hours!!!
They were amazing!!!!

 I didn't take many pictures because they (the band) had asked for people to not use their phones.
Instead, I just sat (or danced) to some remarkable voices, harmonies, and guitar playing!
So glad my dad and I were able to go together :)

And just like that the weekend was over :(


On Monday night we stopped by one of the local McDonald's for a treat :)
X's school PTO was doing an event where part of the proceeds were donated back to the schools.
It's a Win - Win!


It's been a pretty low key week on the blog, however I did post some super cute bohemian looks Wednesday while linking up with The Blended Blog for Fashion Frenzy :)


The other thing going on this week was Trick-or-Treat last night.
Yes, you read that correctly.
One of the many things I will never understand about Lexington is why they have Trick-or-Treat on any other day than Halloween.
And to that, why is it on a Thursday night?
Oh, and it's a school night!

Either way...that is what we did last night!

See that fire pit....

Right after I took these pictures we headed to that house.
X seemed to be having problems seeing out of the tiny holes in his mask.
So much so that he fell straight into the fire!
Panic set in for us as I quickly grabbed him off the fire.
Thankfully, they had just started the fire and he walked away with a scrap on his leg and a hole in his shirt.
It was definitely a scary moment.

He walked slowly and then was right back to normal :)

After a few houses that mask just wasn't working, so to be safe (and be able to see) we ditched it for the rest of the evening.

Chewbacca and the Crack shot Nutcracker (Fortnite) have been doing this Trick-or-Treat thing together for at least 4 years now :)


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XOXO ~ Vanessa

Boho state of mind

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I was super excited when I saw the prompt for today!
I love seeing boho style on other ladies.
It is always so pretty and carefree.

So I scanned my closet...and then scanned it again.
All I have is this paisley dress that I picked up at Altar'd State a year or so ago.

Other than that, the only thing boho about me is the long, messy hair I sport on a daily basis :/

Speaking of Altar'd State, it is one of my favorite stores and the first place I think of when I think bohemian style.
I actually have quite a few more items from the store besides that dress, but nothing really screams boho.

I figured I would show you some of things they have right now that just say Bohemian Princess to me :)

And don't forget about the accessories!

Have you ever shopped at Altar'd State?
Do you have any Boho items in your closet?
I would love to hear how you style them!

**This is in no way a sponsored post, and I get no kick back if you click on my links.
(Hey Altar'd State! If you are reading this, I would love to collaborate!)
Just me sharing my love for one of my favorite stores :) **

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XOXO ~ Vanessa

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