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Friday, October 27, 2017

Linking up with Andrea, Narci & Erika for...
Happy Friday Friends!
This morning I am headed to X's school for his Kindergarten Halloween party!
Since I organized it, I am praying that everything goes smoothly!
School parties were always my FAVORITE, so I am hoping that all the kiddos enjoy it as much as I used to :)

I joined Andrea for Show & Tell this week and talked about my FAVORITE holidays!

On Wednesday I summarized what we did in our 2nd FAVORITE month of the year :)

I finally got my act together on Thursday and blogged about our super fun weekend to Nashville!
These ladies are definitely some of my FAVORITES!

You all know by now that Instagram is my FAVORITE.
Well, a friend shared this the other day and I could 100% relate so I had to share with all of you :)

On Tuesday one of my FAVORITE people celebrated his birthday.
I hope 35 treats you well Richie :)

I quickly threw this invite together for X's birthday party in December and he said it was his FAVORITE!
Anyone else have a child obsessed with Pokemon?

 I ordered some new earrings from my FAVORITE online shop and they arrived over the weekend!

Wednesday night the high school hosted Haunted Hallways for all the little kids in the area.
Seeing all those kiddos in their costumes is always a FAVORITE for me!

They had so many tables representing different school clubs, sports, the elementary schools, etc.
I think my FAVORITE was the yearbook table where you could take a photo as Waldo :)

Last week my Keurig decided it was done.
It lasted 6-7 good years so I'm not mad at it ;)
But I couldn't live without one, so I picked up the 2.0 this week and I am LOVING it so far!
I heard some mixed reviews from friends since you can only use Keurig K cups in it.
Well, if you were on the fence about picking this up I am going to tell you to go for it!
I watched a quick video about it before buying it and found out that as long as the k cup has the Keurig symbol on it it will work!
That means my FAVORITE Plain Jane Kroger brand coffee k cups work perfectly fine!!!

 I was nominated on Facebook by my Uncle to participate in the 7 days, 7 black and white photos challenge.
Normally I just ignore these sort of things, but I love photos.
And black and white photos are probably my FAVORITE!
This was from yesterday morning just as I was leaving my house for work.

And my last FAVORITE of the day are these kiddos and their parents!

Good friends make life better!

And that is it for this week my friends!
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

I woke up in Nashville...

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Thursday morning I dropped this cutie off at school and then we loaded up the car and headed south to Nashville, Tennessee with some friends!

And we're off!

We did make a stop in Frankfort, Kentucky at the Buffalo Trace Distillery.

My favorite!
Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream is hands down the best I have ever had!
Mix it with some root beer and it is just like a root beer float!
I picked up 6 bottles to come home with me.
It is the only I bought the entire trip!

We hopped back in the car and arrived in Nashville a few hours later.
We dropped off our luggage, freshened up, and then headed to dinner.
We used AirBnB for this trip.
We stayed in a 5 bedroom house in the 12South area of Nashville.

We decided to stay close to home for dinner that night, so we hit up the 12 South Taproom & Grill.

After dinner we hit up Kroger to have some snacks for at the house,
and then chilled for the rest of the evening while we waited for another couple to arrive.

The next morning the girls headed out to check out some of the local shops.
We were told we must stop at Five Daughters Bakery, so we did just that!

My friend Ashley had this beauty....King Kong (maple/bacon)

while a couple of us stuck to this simple vanilla cream donut.

After hitting up quite a few shops, we grabbed a quick lunch and then headed to the spa for our massages.

I haven't had a massage in years, so it was SO nice!
My only complaint....that place was dark!

We headed back to the house to shower and get ready for the night.
Another couple arrived shortly before we got home as well.

The boys picked up a cake, hung a few banners, and had some fun little photo props ready when we arrived.
This was any early 40th birthday celebration for my friend Jody so we all sang happy birthday to her as well :)

We cleaned up and were ready for our night out!

I absolutely love these ladies!

We ate dinner at The Row in the outdoor patio.
It was such a nice night!
Of course they had live music going as well :)

After dinner we hopped in another Uber and headed to Broadway!
And I am mildly obsessed with the Batman building  now.

Now this one I actually took because someone was setting off fireworks :)

We hit up so many different bars along Broadway.
But our favorites were Nudies and George Jones for sure.
The rooftops were amazing!

We had so much fun dancing and taking in all that downtown Nashville had to offer!

Saturday morning we had high hopes of getting breakfast at Biscuit Love in the Gulch area, but the line was SO LONG!
So we headed up the road and had brunch at City Fire.

The boys relaxed and watched some sports at a nearby pub, while the ladies hit up the shops in the area.

We opted for something different in the afternoon and headed to a winery in Arrington.
Arrington Vineyards was gorgeous!

I am not a big wine fan so we just tried the flight of wines, but most the couples left with a bottle of the Blackberry wine.

The reason I am posting a few of these next photos is because I want you all to get a good idea of what I am dealing with for a husband ;)

Yes, that is "mine" in the middle acting like a thug or like he owns the joint! lol!

On the way home the girls hopped in one car to check out a few more shops.
I loved this sign and now am on a mission to have someone make it for me :)
Jessica are you reading this? ;)

After relaxing for a bit, we cleaned up and got ready for our last dinner and night on the town together.
But first we had to take some pictures!

Unfortunately, our friend Ashley wasn't feeling well so she isn't in any of these photos :(

These four all graduated high school together :)

After a yummy dinner at Demos', we headed back to Broadway.
Our first stop was Tin Roof.
Our friend Dave had an old coworker that lives in Nashville so we met him and he bought the birthday girl a shot. lol!

This next picture is what happens when you bring these two to a live music venue :/

I personally loved it inside there!
We hung out on the second floor, but still had a great view of the band!

We knew it couldn't be a late night since we all had about a 7 hour drive ahead of us the next morning, so we headed back to George Jones to end our trip.
I mean look at that setting!!!
And now I am trying to figure out how I can recreate this at home!

We toasted to a great trip and then called it a night.

We had so much fun in Nashville!
I just wish we could have stayed longer!
We are already in talks to plan our next trip!
Mic will be 40 in January.....any ideas?
And then I will be 40 next December and I am looking for somewhere to go as well!
I would love to hear your suggestions!

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