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Monday, February 29, 2016

Today I am linking up for Let's Talk with Andrea & Erika :)

I talk a lot about the two main guys in my life on here - X & Mic.
I even talk about my dad from time to time.
Since I tend to focus on them quite a bit, I thought I would feature another guy in my life.

My Brother :)

What can I say about that chunk!?
He is truly one of my best friends.
When he was first born you would have sworn he was mine.
I didn't want people to go near him, touch him, etc.
We have always been close, and still are despite not getting to talk or see each other as often due to being adults.

We have both witnessed each other fall in love and marry our best friend.

We share of a love of sports, most music, and some TV shows.
I love him despite his weird obsession/love for horror films!

As a kid all he ever talked about was having a child of his own some day.
I got him one step closer when I made him an uncle in 2011 :)
 He is wonderful with X!

I know I, nor X, will ever be able to prepare him for what having a child is like, 
but I know he will be an amazing dad!
And I can't wait to see him in action this year when his little baby girl arrives in June :)

Now don't let me fool you...
We have disagreements.
We have days where we probably want to strangle the other person through the phone.
But at the end of the day, if either of us needed anything we would be there in an instant for each other.

Love you Richie Ditchie!
Thank you for being the best little brother a girl could ask for :)

Queso for the win!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Happy Friday!
This week has been filled with lots of smiles, snuggles, and silliness!
Linking up today with Erika, Narci & Andrea for

This little guy's smile is always a favorite for me :)
Fresh haircuts are too ;)

These sweet waffles we tried over the weekend have become a quick favorite for the whole family!

 Sleeping baby big boys are a favorite too!
X must have been worn out, because he fell asleep holding the tablet watching Lego cartoons. lol!

Most nights after school/work it is just the two of us while Mic is working.
On Tuesday we walked in, kicked off our shoes, and immediately starting playing Lego's - X's favorite!

These monthly link ups are my favorite to write because I get to look back at the fun things we did over the last month.
Now that I am in a new position at work my days are just flying by!

Please don't get mad at me Texas girls, but Mexican food (guac and such) is just not my thing.
Don't get me wrong, I do love tacos and chips & salsa!
Are you still my friend? lol!
And I have a insane love for cheese!
I found this queso dip at Kroger over the weekend and it so yummy!
Another quick food favorite this week!
My dinner last night was actually!

Sometimes X isn't fond of me taking lots of pictures of him,
 other times he loves to ham it up!
Silly times with him are a favorite :)

 Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na...BATMAN!

Not a favorite this week was being super worried that X had come down with chicken pox!
He came home from school on Monday with 3 red dots that looked like bug bites.
Honestly, I wasn't too concerned until Wednesday evening we spotted a few more! EEK!
We headed to the doctor on Thursday and were told they were in fact bug bites!
Thank God!
Seeing this kid happy to get a clean bill of health and get to go back to school tomorrow melts my heart!
Totally a favorite moment!

 Who doesn't take lots of silly selfies while you are waiting for the doctor to come in? ;)

I rewarded myself for getting through a busy week of work (yes, I still have to work today), X's doctor appointment, and some tough workouts with my favorite - Non-fat White Chocolate Mocha Latte with caramel drizzled on top :)

Looking forward to seeing my mom for her birthday this weekend :)
Hi Mom! Love you!

How was your week?
Did you check out my video from yesterday?
I would love to hear your thoughts on what you would do! :)

And I almost forgot!
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If I couldn't fail, I would...

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Link your #ThinkingOutLoudThursday post below,
and don't forget to link back to X-tremely V & Penny's Passion!

What's Up Wednesday | February

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Linking up today with Mel, Shay, and Sheaffer!

What we're eating this week...
We are keeping things simple this week (spaghetti, shrimp stir-fry, breakfast for dinner) since we ate so many goodies over the weekend.

I am also meal prepping this week to do another round of the 21 Day Fix starting on Monday :)

What I'm reminiscing about...
Don't laugh...making dinner on the grill.
These sunny days have me longing for kabobs and such on the grill, but it still is a bit too cold.
Soon though, because....

What I'm loving...
The weather in Ohio has been amazing!
It is not very often, in fact pretty much never, do we have such a mild winter!
70* in February? Crazy!
And now that we are getting sunshine days and warmer temps I am so ready for Spring to get here :)
Granted, the past few days have been back in the 40's...we are getting there!

What we've been up to...
Brainstorming vacation destinations!
We are tossing around names like Lake Michigan, Smoky Mountains, Destin, Seattle, etc.

If you have stayed in any of these places I would love to hear your suggestions on dining, hotels, etc.

What I'm dreading...
Honestly, nothing :)

What I'm working on...
This post! Ha!

What I'm excited about...
Helping my mom plan the baby shower for my brother & SIL :)
Now that we have the venue, we are working on invitations and such.
And since the theme is a Tea Party, how cute would these be for favors?!

What I'm watching/reading...
Mic and I finished season 3 of Banshee On Demand just in time for season 4 of Vikings to begin.
I am still keeping up with Pretty Little Liars, Supergirl, The Blacklist, and X-Files.
And I DVR Fixer Upper as well.
Does anyone else watch the beginning to see the 3 houses they look at and then fast forward to the end to see the results?
Just me? lol!

What I'm listening to...
Don't laugh, but I am still 100% a CD girl.
For my birthday/Christmas I received 5 new ones!
So I have been popping them in my laptop while I am working :)

What I'm wearing...
I am daydreaming of Spring, so I am wearing lots of purple and pink and green nail polishes :)
I am also rockin' my Converse, TOMS wedge booties, and even some open toe booties!
Come on Spring!

What I'm doing this weekend...
Visiting my mom for her birthday!
We are going to check out the venue that we booked for my SIL's baby shower :)

What I'm looking forward to...
Lots of events coming up in March!
Mic and I are heading out of town for a 2 day training for work (I am totally treating it like a mini-vaca),
we are going to Night at the Races with my dad for a school fundraiser back home,
I have the AC DC concert with my dad and little brother,
and X has Spring Break!
Oh, and add celebrating St. Patrick's Day and Easter in there too!

What else is new...
I think we have enough new for now.
Hopefully we will keep things the way they are for a bit ;)

Bonus Question: What is your favorite Easter tradition?
Getting my picture and now X's picture by the Easter basket in Lorain.
As a kid we would get dressed in our Sunday Best and and stand in front of the basket with grandparents, parents, etc.
I love that we have been able to carry on this tradition with X!
We don't always get dressed up, and it doesn't always fall on Easter Sunday (pick your battles) but we do it :)
And it makes my heart happy!
We had a wedding to go to that weekend, but thankfully my dad subbed for me and still got X's picture by the basket :)

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