What's Up January & A Style Link Up

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

First things first, I just want to thank you all for the love and support from yesterday's post.
You are all the best!

Today I have a #twofer for ya!
I'm linking up with friends at The Blended Blog to share the clothing or accessories we just can't do.

Honestly, there are quite a few styles that I won't get on board with but one thing sticks out more than the rest for me.

The back pack purse.
I wasn't a big fan of them when they were "in" back in the 90's.
Don't get me wrong, I had one super similar to this brown leather one...but it wasn't something I even carried that much.

And if you didn't have a brown leather one, you had this one in either the forest green or navy.

The ones of today are definitely bigger and even have designer names attached to them. 

But that doesn't matter to me.
I just can't do it!
I have SO many friends that carry them, but they just aren't for me.

What clothing items or accessories have you saying No Way Jose'?
Link up your post at The Blended Blog, or share on Facebook or Instagram with #tbbstyle

Kellyann. Sarah. Andrea. Deena. Carrie
Lana. Vanessa. Whitney. Abbie. Shelly

Next up I'm linking up with Shay & Sheaffer for...

What we're eating this week...
Lettuce Wrap Tacos
Philly Cheese Steaks
Out on the Weekend :)

What I'm reminiscing about...
Nothing really

What I'm loving...
The new nutrition and fitness program I am currently doing!
If you didn't see yesterday's post, head here!
I would love for you to join me :)

What we've been up to...


 indoor soccer, 

Oh, and dodging all the snow and ice we have been getting recently.

What I'm dreading...
How cold it is supposed to be today!
The high for today is in the negatives.
Yes, I said the high :(

What I'm working on...
Office work, this post, catching up on shows.
I like to multitask ;)

What I'm excited about...
The Super Bowl is this weekend!!!

While I am bummed that the football season is officially over after this weekend, I love watching the big game!
Honestly, I love the game and the commercials.
And depending on the year I might watch the halftime show ;)
Are you watching the game this weekend?
Do you watch for the game, the commercials or the halftime show?

What I'm watching/reading...
Just finished season 5 of The Blacklist, so I can finally start watching the current episodes.
Of course I am still watching A Million Little Things, Manifest, and This Is Us.
And X and I just love watching the Masked Singer!

Are any of you watching it?

And I just started reading Reshaping It All by Candice Cameron Bure.

What I'm listening to...
All the music, all the time.

But I have also been trying to catch up with a few shows on Netflix and DirecTV, so I throw in my ear buds and "listen" to them while I'm working at my desk.

What I'm wearing...
All the layers!
Did you see that temp up above?
I have been living in layers upon layers and my snow boots.

This sweater is an Amazon find and I love it!
You can check out all the things I'm wearing lately here :)

What I'm doing this weekend...
Another indoor soccer game for X and watching the Super Bowl!

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Valentine's Day with my loves 💗
Going to the Kane Brown concert with Mic 

And celebrating my mom's birthday :)

What else is new...
I actually read an entire book in less than a week!

I shared my motto and word of the year for 2019

I shared a couple of ladies that are rockin' the small business world (here and here).

Bonus Question: What's your favorite family Valentine's Day tradition?
We really don't have any traditions for Valentine's Day.
But a few years ago I starting making homemade chocolate covered strawberries with sprinkles and such.
I love making them...and eating them ;)
They are SO easy to make and a fraction of the price if you buy them from the grocery store or a specialty shop.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Linking up with Nancy @ Nancy's Fashion Style too!

XOXO ~ Vanessa

Shh....I have a secret

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

I want to share a little secret with you.
It is something that I was skeptical about at first, but now I absolutely love!

If you are new around here I suggest you check out this post.
It details some of the health issues or lack of that I have been dealing with for the last couple of years.

Now I have not been shy about my love for The Beachbody on Demand workouts.
I have also shared the supplements I have used from AdvoCare with all of you.
When something works for me I want to share it will all of you!

For the last 6 months or so I have been doing the best workouts I could to shred fat and pounds.
I have been logging every bite and drink I consume.
I have been diligent about only consuming a set number of calories to truly focus on losing weight, inches, and overall feeling better.

Unfortunately, through all that...nothing changed.
In fact my clothes felt tighter, the scale when up, and I lacked energy.

Fast forward to about a month ago.
I have heard of Faster Way to Fat Loss before, but this time it struck a chord with me.
When one of your very favorite bloggers, Brooke, shared that she is about to start the program at the beginning of the new year, it really sinks in.

So after thinking it over, and over...I bit the bullet and signed up!

As soon as I got the welcome email I was excited!

Again, you know I have gone through multiple rounds of 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme.
I've logged my foods, was mindful of my calories, worked out until I could hardly move, etc.
So what makes you think this program is going to work for you Vanessa?

I didn't know that it would.
But 3 weeks in, it totally is!!!!

Here are a few things I have learned in my 3 weeks following the FWTFL program...

I can eat what I want, and how much I want.
OK, well within reason of course!
You use the My Fitness Pal app to log all your foods.
But you aren't really following the suggested calories.

You aren't killing yourself with all the crazy workouts either.
This program has the option for gym, home, and beginner workouts.
I don't have a gym membership, so I do all the home workouts.
Most days I'm done in about 25-30 minutes!
And I still feel like I got a great workout in!

There are no supplements, shakes, etc. that you must purchase and continue to purchase to do the program.

The coaches, other ladies doing the program, and even Amanda Tress herself are there to help and support you the entire time!
Example...I had a question about moving some days around and look who answered back...

Yes, I know it could have been someone from her team..but still!
I have never had that kind of care in any other program I have ever done!

All the groups are on Facebook and the program info is on the website through your personalized login.
This is HUGE people!
I can't stand having to download a million different apps to access the information or to communicate with someone.
I can use my computer or my phone to access all the things I need!

Let's be honest, I know you are all really here for my results and such ;)
Remember, I am only 3 weeks in to the 6 week program.

I am down 8.5 inches overall in just 3 weeks!!!

I'm shocked, yet not because I truly feel a difference.

Now this program isn't really about the weight, they actually tell you not to check it.
So I'm impatiently waiting until the end of the 6 weeks to check my results :)

While I'm not comfortable enough to share my photos yet,
check out these ladies and their amazing results using the Faster Way program.

Amy @ A Cup Full of Sass
Audrey @ Putting Me Together

Here are a few other things I have noticed in the last 3 weeks....

I'm Making better food choices overall!

I'm dealing with drinking my coffee way too dark for me.
I actually found a creamer through another FWTFL member that works really well for me!

Fasting for hours without feeling sick, weak, or tired.
I was diagnosed as hypoglycemic years ago and I truly struggle if I don't have something to eat every few hours normally.
But I gradually worked up to 16 hours and I am loving it!

Not wanting to mess my day up by going off track.
I have had dinner plans added to my schedule unexpectedly and I adapted instead of throwing the day away.

And the biggest thing I had to get past was taking some rest days each week vs. pushing myself to get a crazy intense workout in.
Every other program you WORKOUT a lot!
This has built in rest days because you really do need them!

While I am no expert about this program, I have learned a few things here and there that I am more than willing to share with you.
Feel free to comment below or email me at (more private) if you have any questions.

So what's next....I signed up for another round!
I am someone who is feeling so good about the changes in my mind, body and soul over the last 3 weeks that I couldn't help but keep it going!

And I would love for you to join me!
The next rounds are filling up fast, but if you want to join please use my link here :)

Have you tried the FWTFL program before and want to come back?
You can sign up here!

No discrimination here....the men out there can sign up here!

Yes, they are affiliate links.
And it is awesome that a program like this let's me share it with you without having to be a coach.
Yes, it is rewarding to know I might get a little kickback for sharing this program with you.
But honestly, I just wanted to share with you something that is truly helping me get past some truly dark days, months, and years.

Again, please feel free to email me at with any questions, concerns, etc. you may have!
Trust me, I had plenty before I started and still do from time to time.
But I am learning more about the program and myself each day.

Please let me know if you decide to join me for the next round starting February 11th!
I would love to help cheer you on!

**This post is not sponsored by FWTFL, nor did I get to try this program for free. I signed up for both rounds myself. I am able to to earn a referral commission if you use my links above to sign up.
I would greatly appreciate you using my links I provided for you.**

XOXO ~ Vanessa

Nope, Nada, Never

Monday, January 28, 2019

I am typically the Queen of so many things I never want to do in my lifetime.
At first I thought about writing a list of things I would would be much shorter ;)

~ Nothing that involves me jumping.
That means no bungee jumping, skydiving,etc.

~ No flying around in anything that I can easily fall out.
Meaning no ferris wheels, parasailing, etc.

~ No standing and looking over a steep anything.
I get freaked out when I am in a hotel that has floor to ceiling windows and I am stuck on a high floor.
I can't even walk near the window.

~ I will not eat anything that I can picture swimming next me.

~ I won't be running in any marathons of any kind.
I have no want/need/whatever you want to call it to do one.

What are some things that you just WILL NOT DO?

Link up with us at The Blended Blog, or share on Facebook or Instagram and use #TBBAsks

And in case you missed it, here is what is coming up on The Blended Blog in the month of February...

Thanks for stopping by today!

XOXO ~ Vanessa

The Friday Faves | Week 4

Friday, January 25, 2019

Happy Friday!
This week has been all kinds of messed up.
Once the snow storm hit over the weekend everything in our world has been placed on hold, delayed or cancelled.
I am currently typing this on Thursday afternoon, and today is the first day this week that X has had school.
It was still delayed 2 hours, but thankfully they had school.
I need to get back to normalcy ASAP!!!

But despite the crazy mixed up schedule, it has been a good week.
So let's back up and look at some of the things that have brought me JOY this week :)

I ordered a couple of books and sweaters from Amazon and they arrived late last week.
Jena Green shared this sweater on her Instagram feed and I knew I had to give it a shot!
Let me back up for a second, if you don't follow Jena already on it now!
Oh, and she might be tall, skinny and gorgeous too ;)
She has her own Apricot Lane Boutique as well!
Seriously, check her out this weekend.
You won't be sorry!

OK, back to the sweater.
It is the perfect length for skinny jeans and for those of you who like leggings it is perfect for those too!
I think it is great quality for the price, and works well dressed up or down!
That's my kind of clothing!

I have it in the camel option, but it also comes in black or gray.

For size reference, I ordered up a size so it would be a extra loose fit.

Since we knew we were about to get hit with #allthesnow

we headed to the high school basketball game on Friday evening.
I have mentioned it before, but I'll say it again in case you are new around here.
I love high school sports!

I think it brings me back to my cheerleader days or something, but I just thoroughly enjoy going to high school games :)

I asked these two for a picture and this is what I got...

Who's child is that? ;)

In other news...I finished reading Girl, wash your face!!!

Like I said before, I don't really enjoy reading books.

But when you are bored at home and can't leave because the county issued a Level 2 advisory, you do whatever it takes.
I'm going to be honest....I have never, ever read a book that fast in my entire life!!!!
While I enjoyed the book overall, I did have a few things that I didn't totally see eye to eye on.
Have you read it?
I would love to hear your thoughts!

Due to reading that book so fast, I am now challenging myself to read a few more.
I just started reading Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron Bure.
I just love her!

All that snow we got couldn't totally keep me down.
I did venture up the road to grab some Chipotle for dinner on Saturday night.
Thankfully, I was super close to a plow truck so it made my drive much easier.

And this was the next morning out of our townhouse window...

Again, that snow can't hold me down...
We ventured out on Sunday to have a little cake to celebrate Mic's birthday.

It was kind of funny when we drove by our house how well the roads were plowed in the country.

And just for a better idea of some of the snow we got, this is the sidewalk leading up to the front door at my in-law's house.

Enough about the snow!
I received a fun package from Influenster this week, and I am excited to try out these products!

I share this image on my instastories the other day, but I have to share it here too.
I love the tees from Ruby's Rubbish!
They have the best sayings :)

On the blog this week I linked up with The Blended Blog babes and shared my goals for 2019.

As well as sharing some pieces of clothing that highlight my assets ;)

And don't forget to enter for your chance to win a copy of The Nutcracker and the Four Realms or Playtime with Puppy Dog Pals!

Thank you for stopping by today!
I hope you all have a fun/relaxing/whatever kind of weekend you need!

Linking up with The Blended Blog, Andrea, Narci & Erika!

XOXO ~ Vanessa
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