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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Linking up with Erika, Narci & Andrea today for...

We kicked off Friday morning by celebrating #NationalDonutDay with some of X's favorite Apple Hill Donuts!!

 Later that day I joined some friends and we headed to Columbus for Zassy's Treasures Summer Vendor Market.
It had just rained before we got there so things were still gloomy, wet, and muddy!

 I wasn't really there to shop, but I did see some cute things.
I absolutely loved these light fixtures, but with the remodeling just starting I knew I didn't need it.

We left with just some snacks/treats and headed to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner.
Since it was #NationalDonutDay we made a pit stop at Duck Donuts before we headed home.

They make these guys fresh, but boy does that box look messy!
I am not really a donut girl, but since they were cake ones I knew I would give them a try.
(I was so full from dinner and coffee that I didn't try these until the next morning....they were OK, but I think they would be best if you ate them immediately)
Chocolate Icing with Rainbow Sprinkles - Chocolate Icing with Peanuts - Oreo
Maple Bacon - Key Lime - S'mores

And then we got real wild and crazy and stopped at Starbucks because #weknowhowtoparty ;)

After a T-ball game in the morning, we headed over to the other house to move/pack some more.
We decided to kick a ball around outside before leaving and my klutziness got the best of me :(
Thankfully, it looks a lot better than this now!
And I can put pressure on it so that is good.
But it is still pretty tender to the touch.

In other news....
On the blog this week I joined The Blended Blog for their monthly Ask Series.
June was all about Summer Fun!

After X's T-ball game we grabbed some dinner at The Local at 97.
It was this horrible run down bar for many years, but someone revamped it and it looks great!
I even picked up this tee while I was there :)
Since I graduated in 97 it has double meaning for me :)

On Tuesday I posted not one, but two different Disney DVD giveaways!

Tuesday evening we had T-ball pictures that happen to be right next to the park.
After being stuck inside all day while I worked, I let X play for a little bit before heading home for dinner.
He was super pumped when some of his best buddies were there as well!

On Wednesday I recapped Days 16-31 of the #momsrockmaystyle challenge with Shelly.

After 3 years of not having a cook top big enough to use my wok, I finally was able to use it again Wednesday night!
#rentallife #itsthelittlethings

And did anyone watch the CMT Awards?
Carrie Underwood is seriously the best!!!

Another favorite this week is this $3 set of Army guys from Walmart.
X absolutely loves playing with them!
Which is great because that means I can get some work done,
and he isn't playing on the tablet, watching YouTube, or playing a video game!

We managed to pick up a few birthday gifts this week too for some upcoming parties.
So...we are those people giving the kids this....
Bowling Set - Launcher Set In Store Only
It is for twin 7 year old boys who loves all things sports like X.
He picked this out and I personally think it is perfect! :)

He also picked out this card for them :/

#boymom #pickyourbattles #yesmommoment

I also grabbed these super cute and comfy sandals at Target.
I love how simple they are, can go with everything, and have just a slight wedge.

They are $24.99, come in black too, and run true to size.

And that is it for the week!
We are currently enjoying a water park day with friends!
Then we have a weekend full of t-ball games, birthday parties, and cookouts!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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