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Monday, April 30, 2018

Linking up with Erika, Narci & Andrea for...
What happens when you have two weekdays off of work?
Your Friday Favorites post never gets finished and goes live :/
But in my mind I am thinking...#betterlatethannever

So I am backing up over the past week to bring you my favorites today including a short weekend recap :)

I joined X and his classmates for a field trip to Gorman Nature Center about a week ago.
I do live in the country and the woods (not by my choice), but I am terrified of snakes and frogs.
So what is the first "things" they pull out to show the kids?
I was cringing and sweating in my seat!

Then they came around so the kids could touch/hold them!

Thankfully, the snakes were put away and they brought out some box turtles to check out.

 But then this happened...
They told the kids they could hold/pet/wear the bigger snake (about 6-7 feet long) if they wanted to.
Why oh why did my kid want to?
Definitely NOT a favorite moment for me, but he thought it was so cool.

We headed outside after that to dig around in the pond for creatures.

 I mentioned this the other day, but due to it being a new favorite I figured I would mention it again.
Facebook Marketplace is awesome!

I don't have time to set up a garage sale and such, and this is so easy to list all of X's old baby clothes!
You can check out my listings here if you are interested :)

This is more strange than a favorite, but I had to share it.
Look at the bed of that truck in front of me.
 There is a women laying down under the cover of the truck holding in some tarp thing while they are driving!!!!!

I mentioned the other day in my April recap post that X has been having some weird tics and such for a little while now.
We headed to the doctor last week and they ordered him to have blood work done :(
My poor guy!
Despite being nervous, he handled it like a champ!

UPDATE: We received a call back from the doctor and everything checked out OK.
So for now we just have to ignore the tics and pray they go away.

And then he got a fresh haircut, which calls for my favorite silly pictures!

The very next day I had a visit with one of my favorite people and got a much needed haircut and touch up as well!

 After X's game the other night it was pretty nice, so Mic went out on the field and kicked the ball around with him.
I swear those are some of X's favorite moments!

Then we came home and turned on the NFL Draft to watch our Cleveland Browns do what they do best...pick the wrong guy!

 The rest of the draft seemed to be pretty good for the Browns thankfully.
Fingers crossed Baker Mayfield does not turn into Johnny Manziel 2.0!!!!

I couldn't resist joining the fun on Instagram Saturday when I saw the #oldheadshotday
 This one is from 1998.

X had another soccer game on Saturday morning and he had a huge crowd despite it being super cold!
I actually stole these next few pics from my mom :)

And I was so glad she snapped a pic of the tunnel at the end of the game!
I am always part of the tunnel so I never get to take one.

We packed and moved more things on Saturday and called it an early night.
But on Sunday we headed to breakfast with one of X's favorites..."Uncle" Tim!
So glad he flew in from Austin, Texas for the weekend just to watch this kid play soccer!

I absolutely love this top and feel I need it! lol!
I sent this girl a message about it, but got no reply :(
Does anyone know where it is from??

One of my favorite things to do when I am just laying in bed and can't sleep is to take these silly quizzes on Facebook.
It was absolutely no surprise to me that I got 99% correct on the 60's and 70's sitcoms!
Despite being an 80's/90's kid, I grew up watching all those shows!

And on that note I am calling it a post!
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
What's on tap for this first week of May for you all?

What's up April!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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What We're Eating This Week...
Kaluska (cabbage & noodles) & Smoked Sausage
Nachos - which for me just means meat, lettuce and cheese ;)
Spaghetti and meatballs
And the weekend will be filled with a little of this and that ;)

What I'm Reminiscing About...
I have been sorting through a ton of X's old baby clothes and such to sell.
It takes me right back to moments that he wore each of those outfits or onesies :)
What a smiley, happy baby he was!
I actually posted what I have listed so far if anyone is interested :)

What I'm Loving...
Watching X play soccer.
It is crazy to say it since I really don't like soccer, but he is so good!
I don't brag on him often, but he is pretty rock star on the field :)

What We've Been Up To...
If we aren't at the soccer fields or working, we are at home packing and moving #allthethings

What I'm Dreading...
Little things, but nothing too bothersome

What I'm Working On...
My fitness! lol!
I have just about two months until I am supposed to hit the beach and I am so not swimsuit ready :(

What I'm Excited About...
While I am trying to not think about it since it is going to be a lengthy project, I can't help but be a little excited that the house is finally getting remodeled!!!

What I'm Watching/Reading...
Honestly I haven't been watching or reading anything lately.
But I am super pumped to watch the NFL Draft this weekend!

What I'm Listening To...
Is anyone else completely addicted to them like I am?
Who are your favorite accounts to follow/watch?

What I'm Wearing...
I picked up four $5 Universal Thread tees at Target and I am loving them!
I wore my white one with my new chambray pants from Old Navy, Vince Camuto dupe sandals, and my new straw bag for Easter.

 And I threw on my mustard one with some skinny jeans and booties for a day of lunch and shopping with friends.

I have been pattern mixing as well this month.
My leopard earrings, camo jacket, and lace top all worked so well together for a day at the office.

And I can't leave out my new super soft Cleveland Indians sweatshirt!

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
Watching X play soccer,
moving, moving, moving,
and maybe fitting in a quick visit with a long distance friend.

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month...
Fingers crossed the demo portion of our house will begin!

What Else Is New...
X has been having some weird symptoms recently so I am hoping the doctor can make sense of them this week.
Weird/excessive blinking, constant clearing of his throat, and a tick where his body kind of does a crunch while he does a cough/grunt.
Praying everything is OK.
We went to the doctor yesterday and he even had to have blood work done :(
Just waiting to hear the results at this point.

Baby & Toddler Boys Clothing For Sale

Monday, April 23, 2018

This weekend I decided to test out Facebook Marketplace.
I can't believe how easy it is to use!
As we pack and go through all our things, I realize that I need to do something with all the clothes I have held onto from X's younger years.
So I decided to list them!
But I figured why not give all of you or your friends an opportunity to grab them as well!

All items are gently used (one still has tags on it), and have been kept in a smoke free home.
If you are interested in any of the listings I have available, please shoot me an email at

Boys Size Newborn - $15 + shipping

Boys Size 3 months - $50 + shipping

Children's Place Light Blue Hooded Suit - Gender Neutral - Size 0-6 months, with tag still on - $5 + shipping

Boys Size 6 months - $65 + shipping

Boys Size 9 months - $20 + shipping

Boys Size 12 months - $50 + shipping

Boys Size 18 months - $45 + shipping

Boys Size 24 Months - $10 + shipping

Again, if you or someone you know would like to purchase any of these listings, please shoot me an email ASAP at to claim or if you have any questions :)

Thanks friends!

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