Style Me Pretty Tuesday

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today's Style Me Pretty Post is focusing on kids clothing and style. If you aren't interested in the kids part of the post, there are sale alerts for adults as well at the bottom of this post :)

Just because our little ones can't talk yet doesn't mean they don't want to look good! Sometimes when I am picking out an outfit for X to wear to school/weekends/dinner/etc. I pick him up and let him "choose" what he wants to wear :) It is fun seeing which shirt or sweater he pulls in close to him and which one he tosses aside. Maybe he has no idea what he is doing, but I like to think he is developing his own style or color preference :) Of course I do most of the shopping for him, so the clothes usually have my taste included in them :) So thankful he is out of the baby stage as far as clothing is concerned! I love buying cute toddler clothes! And after getting his hair cut for the 3rd time last night, he is a pro at sitting in the stylist chair :)

A fresh cut always feels so good :)

Rocked his first collared shirt on his way home from the hospital :)

As you can see from the following photos....I am a sucker for a collared shirt! They are just SOOOO cute!

With the weather improving/warming up and his fresh hair cut, it is time to pick up some new clothes. It is hard to keep up with a growing child! Some things I buy for X fit for months, other things he wears one time and he grows out of it :( Trying to keep the cost down, but still buy cute/stylish clothes can be tricky!

Here are some of my favorite items and places to shop for kids clothes...

Old Navy has great clothes at great prices for kids!
Through 5/6 they are offering 30% off (with card) your total purchase with code STUFFSAVE
20% off (without card) your total purchase with code ONSAVE20
Loving this shirt right now for X!
My obsession for Polo's continues here as well!
These dinosaur camo shorts are absolutely adorable!
And these "croc like" shoes are the perfect price at $10!
Don't forget about the free shipping on all orders over $50
And, free returns on ALL orders!

Carter's & OshKosh B'gosh are a couple other great places to shop for little ones!
They both offer $6 everyday flat rate shipping!
I signed up for the email alerts and usually get 2-3 emails a week with coupons attached :)
There is ALWAYS a sale going on at both of these stores and online.
And they offer $10 to you for every $50 spent!
Osh Kosh as the best jeans for the price and fit (IMO)!
These 2-piece short sets at Carter's are great for the summer and only $10 :)

Crazy 8 offers free shipping for orders over $75
This Shark outfit is perfect for vacation!
I am seriously Mad for Plaid with this adorable Sailor outfit!

Today online only at Children's Place is free shipping on ALL orders!
The entire site is on sale :)
Through 5/5 take 15% off in store and online with code X3G153H
Just ordered this pair of jeans, as well as this pair for X :)
The pj's are great from here too, but tend to run a bit small :(

Ok, enough about kids clothes and sales! Here are the adult sales that are looking pretty good to me right now :)

Gap is offering 35% off your online purchase today with code GAP35
Don't forget about the Old Navy discounts I mentioned above!

Take an extra 25% off everything online at J.Crew Factory with code HELLOMAY

Now through 5/4 save 20% on women's flats at Target

Today only! Victoria's Secret has $15 off $100, $30 off of $150, and $75 off $250 spent
with code SPRING13

Happy shopping folks! :)

Where do you shop for your little ones?
Any stores I need to check out?
Any sales I forgot to list?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V

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Weekend Recap

Monday, April 29, 2013

Another weekend has come and gone :)

Here is our weekend in photos...

 Playing outside while daddy mows the yard

He loved sitting in the driver's seat of my car all by himself :)

An adult beverage to start off my weekend

Attack of the Cleveland Browns pillow pet!!

Fun with friends on Saturday evening

Grandpa stopped by on his motorcycle for a quick visit

Sunday morning was LEGO time!

Ended our weekend with some BBQ ribs, garlic red skin potatoes, and warm chocolate chip cookies :)

It was another great weekend had by all! If you can't tell by the last photo, I am SUCH a "Meat & Potatoes Girl" :) Good thing I like to workout! lol!

So what did you do this weekend?

Until next time...Have a Happy Monday!

XoXo ~ V

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High Five 4 Friday

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday = Link up with Lauren for H54F time!

Total Pageviews


We had a great weekend & Monday evening saying good bye to our amazing friend TJ before he headed off to Uganda with the Peace Corps.
I hit 1000 page views on this little blog of mine! YEH!

The NFL draft started Thursday evening :) X and I were dressed and ready to watch!

Having so much fun with X! My little guy is growing up more and more every day and I absolutely LOVE it!

IMO, having a good hair week :)

Until next time... Have a great weekend & GO BROWNS!!!!

XoXo ~ V

Life of a Browns Fan

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Always hopeful, usually let down :(

That pretty much sums up what it is like to be a Cleveland Browns fan. You would think that after 34 years of ups and (mostly) downs I would stop being hopeful, or find a new team to root for. I am a die hard Browns fan! I bleed orange & brown!

This weekend is one of those times as a Browns fan where I am extremely is the 2013 NFL Draft Weekend! It actually starts tonight at 8pm!!!! Now realistically I know I should calm down, but the crazy fan in me is super excited to see who the Browns will pick. Like I stated above "always hopeful, usually let down" is what normally happens with draft weekend. A lot of the time we have an amazing player available to us when it is our turn to pick, yet we still take a no name or trade down for more picks. UGH! The staff never seems to be confident in any of the players we currently have, nor are they willing to give them more than a 1 game shot at the position they play before looking for someone to replace them. The biggest issue the Browns continue to have is drafting a quality QB that can perform well in the NFL. And when we do actually have someone of quality, we give them 2 minutes to prove themselves before looking for the next best thing. Oh, don't forget the best player on the Cleveland Browns for the last 13 years was our kicker Phil Dawson and they decided they didn't need him anymore. Are you kidding me? I am probably wrong, but in my opinion he has been our leading scorer for all those years! GRRRR!!! Anyways, I can't help but be hopeful that our new owner (despite his legal issues) and the rest of the staff can make some good decisions tonight and this weekend to add some key/quality players to the roster.

 Mic & X Draft Weekend 2012
 Go Browns!

Another big time in the life of a Cleveland Browns fan is the start of training camp. Even if we have a terrible draft, or sign some free agents that you just shake your head at, camp is still an exciting time. As a kid my dad would take my brother and I to camp to watch the team practice. It was wonderful! You were so close to the pros! The guys you looked up to and cheered for every Sunday. I am dating myself here, but I remember watching Clay Matthews, Bernie Kosar, Eric Metcalf, Ozzie Newsome, Webster Slaughter, Brian Brennan, Reggie Langhorne.....the list goes on and on! Last summer I continued the tradition and took X to training camp :) While he had no idea what was going on, where he was, etc., I am so grateful for the fact that I could share it with him. I am hoping we can continue to do this for many more years to come!

 TJ Ward
 Joe Thomas
Trent Richardson
X's first time at Browns Training Camp 2012

The 3rd/4th time a year that I can't contain my excitement is the first preseason game and the first regular season game. If we do well in preseason I am super pumped for the regular season to begin. If we lose, I some how convince myself it was intentional to throw the other teams off. I know, dream world here. Every now and then (pretty much never) there is a 5th time you can get excited as a Browns fan.....when they have the possibility to make the playoffs! Now that doesn't happen that often so I really can't say much about it :(

3 days old and already "watching" his first Browns game :)
 My little football :)
My dad and I on the field last season = AWESOME!!!
So here is to hoping that the Cleveland Browns will draft well tonight and this weekend, have a great training camp, and an unforgettable 2013 season!


Until next time....

XoXo ~ V

Anything Goes Wednesday

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another Wednesday is here :)

Today's topics will be:
  1. X has turned into a true little boy!
  2. Mic's best friend TJ has officially left for Uganda with the Peace Corps.
  3. I can't keep up with the amount of invites we have been receiving for Spring/Summer get togethers :(

Most things in this post will be connected to X (you were warned Stephanie!)

So about a week ago X turned into a complete little boy over night! He is playing with cars and other toys and understands how to play with them :) He is talking more and keeps saying "what's that", or at least that is what we think he is saying :) He also has starting doing this grunting/laughing thing while he is playing that is truly hilarious (at least to us it is)! It is so much fun watching him grow up! (Boo! My 2 second video won't post!)

Playing with trucks :)

Mic's best friend TJ officially left to join the Peace Corps. yesterday. He is actually boarding a plane as I type this for South Africa. Crazy! We tried to spend as much time as possible with him before he left. I still can't believe he will be gone for 27 months! Not only is he one of Mic's best friends, but he is X's godfather and has become a GREAT friend to me as well! We really are going to miss him :( Crossing my fingers that we will get to Face time/Skype with him from time to time :) Good luck & safe travels TJ!

 X & Uncle TJ
 Best Buds! Just like daddy & TJ :)
 This is what happens when you dump a bottle of water all over yourself!
 TJ's water = now X's water :)
Hanging out one last time :(

Our schedule is always pretty busy between work, family, and social engagements, but this Spring/Summer seems to be insane! While I love the fact that we have so many friends and family wanting to spend time with us, I just can't physically fit them all in! It is exhausting trying to schedule things with everyone and still trying to allow time for us to rest, get something done, etc.! So friends/family if you are reading this post....I am really sorry if we haven't made plans yet. I am really trying! :) It doesn't help matters that everyone lives is different directions, my family and some friends live 1 1/2 hours away, and we have Mother's & Father's Day to plan around! Not to mention we are still trying to figure out if we are taking a vacation anywhere! I am exhausted just thinking about it as I type this post! Hang in there folks! I promise I will get something scheduled/planned with you as soon as humanly possible! In a perfect world all of our friends and family would be friends with each other and we could just have one big get together! lol! Yes, I know I am dreaming now :)

Tell me some of the new things your child is doing?
Do you know anyone in the Peace Corps.?
Where are they located?
How is your Spring/Summer schedule shaping up?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V

Style Me Pretty Tuesday

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Swimsuit season is creeping up way too quickly (if not already here in some places) in my opinion :(  Either way I look at it I do not feel I am ready at all! X and I are signed up for Mommy & Me swim lessons starting next Saturday....meaning I have to get this out of shape body into a suit of some kind. Yuck! I REFUSE to wear a one piece and am slightly terrified of tankini's. So that leaves the bikini, which again my body is not ready for. This next week to two weeks is going to be intense! Not only do I need to get my workout on in a BIG way, but I need to find a new swimsuit that I at least feel comfortable in. The ones I currently have are so not meant for handling a toddler in a community pool. lol!

At this point I think it is too late to order something, so I am limited to what stores I have available to me locally. That means Target, JC Penney, Kohl's, T.J. Maxx, Old Navy, and Macy's. Wish me luck folks!

Here are the ones I am hoping to find or something like them....

Decisions, decisions!

Oh, can I have a body like either of those pics now please!! :)

Are you ready for swimsuit season?
What type of swimsuit do you prefer to wear?
Where do you shop for swimwear?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V

Weekend Fun

Monday, April 22, 2013

Welcome to another work week! Everyone I know seems to dislike Mondays and going back to work, but I don't mind it at all. Mondays put me back into my normal routine (I love routine), and are usually more relaxing than my weekend! Another reason Mondays aren't so bad is because it is a time to reflect on the fun we had over the weekend :)

So on with the weekend recap....

As I stated in this post, Friday night was "Parent's Night Out" at X's daycare. What does that mean you ask? From 6-10pm X got to hangout with the teachers at his daycare while Mic & I got to enjoy an adult evening out! YEH!!!

We spent our evening with our good friend in Columbus. Our first stop was the Worthington Barber Shop so Mic could experience a "real" haircut from TJ's barber. lol! He has been cutting his own hair for at least 15 years now!

 Mic LOVED the hot towel at the end :)

We then headed out to dinner at Tora for some sushi! 8-10 rolls of sushi! Some how we managed to eat it all :)

No trip to Columbus is complete without stopping at Whit's for some frozen custard!

Chocolate with rainbow sprinkles = YUM!

Me with the two Best Friends :)

We then headed back home to pick up our crazy little guy. He unfortunately ate too much (junk & sugar) and was up on and off all evening sick :(

Saturday was a new day though and X was feeling much better :) X and I had a Princess & Prince birthday party to go to! I think he was in shock over all the toys he had to play with there :) His favorites had to be the trampoline and the pink vacuum cleaner. lol! Side note on the trampoline....X is teething again and he decided the handle on the trampoline was a nice chew toy! UGH!

 X and the pink vacuum cleaner
 Trampoline fun!
Chew time! 

He also REALLY, REALLY enjoyed the pink frosted cupcakes for dessert! He is just like his father! lol!

Yummy cupcakes :)

X got to have a little fun, ok A LOT of fun with Uncle TJ before going to bed :)

 A little blurry, but so cute!
 You can't keep me down!
X & Uncle TJ

Sunday was a super lazy day for X and I while Mic painted the basement. We did manage to take a trip to Lowe's and pick up some Chipotle for dinner. X loves the rice at Chipotle!

It was another great weekend!

So what did you do this weekend?

Until next time...

XoXo ~ V
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