Friday Favorites

Friday, January 30, 2015

Let's start off with some of my favorite moments of the week shall we?!
X at center court of my high school gym :)
 We had a great time going back to my hometown and high school this past weekend.

 We celebrated my dad's winter birthday with winter themed cupcakes :)

Thankful that my Starbucks at Kroger still has the ingredients to make me a Caramel Brulee' Latte :)

The free 10 day Ignite portion of Tracey Mallett's bootybarre burn challenge begin this week.
I love it!
You can still sign up for the free portion here.
I have done the workout released every day this week and it is good!
It is only 20 minutes, but you feel the burn!

And my last favorite of the week is that it is Super Bowl weekend!!!
No, my team is not playing in the big game but I still love to watch!
This year it is the New England Patriots against the Seattle Seahawks.
I am still not a fan of the Seahawks colors, their coach, etc.
So with that, I say GO PATS!

Do you go back to your hometown often?
What is your favorite drink currently at Starbucks?
And the most serious question of them all, who do you think will win the Super Bowl?
Do you watch the big game? Katy Perry is the half time entertainment :)

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Happy Friday & enjoy the weekend!

Thinking Out Loud | Girly

Thursday, January 29, 2015

It is once again Thursday and that means it is time for

No subject needed to link up!
Just grab the photo above and make sure to link back to me :)

The other day Helene wrote this post -  The 9 Girly Things I Can't Figure Out and it got me thinking about the girly things I can't figure out or just don't like.
So I decided to look up girly things on Pinterest and see all the things that are so not me.
Turns out, according to Pinterest herself... I am pretty darn girly.
UGH! That kind of hurts even typing it.
Yes I like getting my hair done, but I don't like doing it or my make up ever!
I love to walk around a mall I have never been to and check it out, but I can't stand to actually go shopping!
Pink! UGH! Unless it is only my nails I really don't like to look at it!
Yes, I was a cheerleader but my first love is football!
So you get the idea that I am pretty much a tomboy.

Well here are some of the things that apparently make me as girly as they come...

Say it ain't so??? McDonald's too? ;) I kid of course :)
All of these lovely little cards/sayings can be found here on Pinterest by literally searching "girly things". lol!
Who knew :)

So how girly or non girly are you?

Home + A Giveaway

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This past weekend I went home.
I go home on average once a month.
It is where my parents live, my grandma, etc.
It is the place that molded me into the person I am today.
I love home!

Sunday was my dad's birthday and I wasn't sure if we were going to make it up there to visit or not.
Thankfully the snow held off until we made it back to the field on Sunday afternoon.
Anyways, I have always wanted to take Mic and X back to my old high school to truly get a sense of where I grew up.
After realizing this is the last year the high school will be in the same building I went to, I knew I needed to act fast.
This past weekend worked out perfect!
Good ole' BHS had a home game on Saturday night!
Saturday games are rare for boys basketball in my hometown (we maybe had one a season), so I was not going to let this opportunity pass by!
The three of us hopped in the car Saturday afternoon and headed north.

We enjoyed a nice dinner at Sorrento's with the family (including my little bro) before heading to the game.
X wanted to "read" the menu.

The team is not good this year :(
I mean, like they have only won 2 games!
So we weren't anticipating much of game, but just the idea of getting to be back in my old high school gave me butterflies.
I know a lot of people that couldn't wait to get out of high school or our small town, but I truly loved it!
Still do!
Yes, things have changed over the years since I have lived there but it is still where I grew up and made tons of memories.
It will always be important to me and have a special place in my heart.

Now I can say a few things have changed at the school - new paint, no pay phone in the lobby, updated restrooms - but for the most part it was exactly the same.
It felt good to be home :)

My dad also graduated from BHS and played basketball in this very gym :)
I love that he was there with us :)

Both the JV and Varsity boys played well enough to come away with wins on the night!
The only disappointing thing about the evening was the cheerleading squad :(
I was so looking forward to seeing them perform and show Mic what BHS cheerleading is all about.
But unfortunately, there was nothing to show :(
There is so little interest that the same squad cheered for both games!!!!
 I can't believe it!
When I was there girls would be crying because not everyone could make it!
I mean like double digits of girls upset over not getting to be a Cardinal Cheerleader!
And the talent...oh goodness.
While that definitely bummed me out, I didn't let it ruin the evening.
We had a great time overall.

The COA National Championship trophy from my freshman year.
Feels like yesterday!

After the game X even got to run around on the court before we left.
Oh, it so melted my heart! :)

While I hate to see my school be passed onto the elementary kids, I am looking forward to visiting the new school in the future and seeing what it will offer the SL kids of today.
Despite what some of my fellow classmates may say, BHS is best! :)

The spot where it all began for my dad and step mom :)
They met while sitting there watching my older step brother play basketball.
This June will be 21 years that they have been married.

Before heading home for the weekend we had to celebrate Pa's birthday with cupcakes and singing :)

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Sweet Little Ones

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Favorite Things | January

Monday, January 26, 2015

A little late to the game today, but that is okay :)
Today I am linking up with Erika & Andrea for

January is always a month for eating healthier and just taking better care of yourself.
So it is no surprise that my favorites this month are related to that!

I have talked about my love for the Dole Strawberry Dippers before, but I had to mention them again.
One pack of 4 slices is only 60 calories!
They are the perfect sweet treat for anytime of the day!

I have also mentioned my love for Booty Barre classes as well.
With our crazy work schedules this time of year, and the 6 inches of snow we received overnight it makes it hard to make it to an actual class :(
However, as long as you have Internet you can stream the Booty Barre queen herself and her workouts for free!
These bad boys have been helping me stay sane and feeling good :)

And last on my list is nail polish!
I know, it sounds weird, but it puts me in a better mood during these dark and dreary months to have a fun color on my fingers to look at all day :)
Check out the tips I shared on how to winterize your hands and nails here.

What are your favorite healthy snacks?
Do you have a favorite series of workouts or trainer you follow on YouTube?
What is your favorite nail polish colors in the winter months?

Winter Nails

Saturday, January 24, 2015

 I don't know about you, but in the Winter months my hands, nails, and especially cuticles always get super dry.
It is truly a good thing I wear gloves all Winter!
However, I have been trying to take better care of myself in general and that includes my hands and nails.
I love to have polish on my fingers. It just makes me feel so much more pulled together!

Today I am bringing you some tips on how to winterize your nails so you don't have to keep your gloves on at all times :)

Oh cuticles! You are were my worst enemy! Not anymore!
Those tips are great!
And now that we have our nails in tip top shape, let's add a fun Winter color to them!

I am loving the new Winter shades from Julep
I have to say the Ilsa and Kiki shades are my faves! I think the movie Frozen has completely rubbed off on me!
All of these shades actually would work well for all you and your little Frozen lovers!

The only tip I would add would  be to always keep on a good hand cream with you.
I work in an office that has people coming and going throughout the day, and then I head home to a 3 year old that I swear hoards germs like his life depends on it!
Because of all that contact with germs, I am washing my hands a lot!
(My skin and hands are way too sensitive to use sanitizer gel.)
Thankfully, I always keep hand cream in my purse, desk drawer, bathroom counter, etc. so my hands will be soft and moisturized all the time.

And if my hands really need some extra softness, I slather on a thick layer of lotion and throw on some gloves right as I am heading to bed.
I wake up with super soft hands every time!

What are some of your tips to keep your hands and nails in shape during the cold Winter months?
What is your favorite Julep shade?
Do you use a special hand cream during the Winter months?

**I was contacted by Julep to write about their nail tips and new colors, however I was not compensated in any way for writing this post. All opinions are my own.**

FF | Birthdays

Friday, January 23, 2015

I love celebrating birthdays!
Especially for the ones I love most!
Mic's birthday was Tuesday, but I slowly started celebrating last Friday.
First, was a stop at Kroger for donuts and Starbucks.
He arrived home that evening to one of his favorite winter cocktails and homemade shrimp stir-fry.
 Vodka, 7up, splash of club soda, splash of Blue Curacao
 See my recipe here.
I am not a fan of flavored ice cream usually, but this stuff was really good!

Saturday, he worked all day so it was just a bowl of yummy ice cream at the end of the night.
Sunday, we hit up Texas Roadhouse for dinner with friends - no kids :)
Monday, the best boss ever (that would be Mic) said we were working from home.
I ran a few errands once he was done with work so he could enjoy a movie all by himself :)
The only child I married craves his alone time. I just don't understand it.
While running errands I discovered we got a Penn Station in the field!!!
I can't wait to go! There was one in the town that Mic and I worked in when we first started dating.
I love their fresh cut fries and steak sandwiches!
Thankfully it is across town enough that I won't be going all the time. My body will be thanking me for that!

That evening we headed over my in-laws for dinner and cake to celebrate family style.

By Tuesday I think Mic was tired of going out to dinner, but I wanted to be able to have a meal with just him and I.
We decided to try a new place called The Vault.
It is a wine bar of sorts that opened in an old bank.
I didn't want to look like a crazy person, so I held back from taking photos.
You can check it out on Facebook though.
I tried four wines for only $3, had a sample for $1, enjoyed some yummy food, and even came home with a bottle of wine :)
All in all it was a great night with my guy!

This weekend is the birthday for the other big guy in my dad!
Hoping to get a quick trip up north in to give him a big hug and say Happy Birthday!
And probably have a drink with him to celebrate ;) #keepinitreal

Another highlight from the week...freshly cut and colored/highlighted locks :)

So there you have it! Five or so good things for the week :)
What are your highlights from this past week?
Are you a one day only birthday person or do you claim the whole week?

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I would love to feature some of you wonderful ladies :)

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend!

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