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Friday, September 29, 2017

Linking up with Andrea, Narci & Erika for...
Hooray for Friday!
But before we start celebrating the weekend, let's back up and check out my FAVORITES from this past week.

As much as it pains me to watch soccer, cheering on my little guy is my FAVORITE thing to do!
Even if that means being a soccer mom ;)

After soccer and some lunch, we headed to one of X's FAVORITE places - The Little Buckeye Museum!

He had so much fun with all the role playing!
He was bummed because the McDonald's section was closed for a party while we were there.
So now he is asking for his birthday party to be held there this year :)

On Monday I posted all about my latest Stitch Fix boxes.

And I joined Mel, Shay & Sheaffer for What's Up Wednesday | September Edition!

In that post, I mentioned that I am following the 21 Day Fix plan right now.
Well, I decided to give Shakeology a try this time around.
And it is pretty darn good!
I currently have the chocolate shake, but I want to know what are your FAVORITE flavors and recipes?

You all know Instagram is my FAVORITE form of social media!
And the instastories get me every time!
I just love listening to how people sound, their mannerisms, etc.
If you don't already follow these accounts, you should!
First up is Jen @ The Sister Studio (blog - The Sister Studio)
Oh my goodness she is hilarious! And so stinkin' real!
I wish we lived closer because I would totally make her be my friend! lol!
And her style is right up my ally!

And I can't get enough of Brooke @ kbstyled (blog - KBStyled) either!
This girl is gorgeous!
And don't even get me started on her hair!

And when I saw this I knew I had to share it!

And these are my FAVORITES on the radio this week :)

And that is it for this week!
Looking forward to a fun weekend with friends at Oktoberfest!

What's Up September!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Linking up with Mel, Shay & Sheaffer for...

What we're eating this week...
I am following the 21 Day Fix right now, so that means clean eating!
Lots of veggies, fruits, and proteins!

What I'm reminiscing about...
My long hair :(
Why oh why did I cut it shorter?
I am impatiently waiting for it to grow.

What I'm loving...
That X is loving school :)
Currently his favorite "subject" is Music class!
Another thing I am loving is hearing that little guy sing along to the radio in the car!
Oh my goodness! It is seriously the cutest thing in the world to me!

What we've been up to...
X has had games 3 days a week!

I went to an advanced screening of Home Again with Reese Witherspoon with my mom and it was so good!

If you know me, I don't like to shop at all!
But I did have some luck and picked up some new things :)

And we took X to the Little Buckeye Museum.
More pictures and such to come on Friday :)

What I'm dreading...
Leaving X when we go on our trip :(
I love drop off and pick up each day with him!
I am bummed that I will miss that for a few days.

What I'm working on...
Gathering ideas for X's 6th birthday!
It is 2 months away, but I can't stand waiting until the last minute to get things planned!
He is asking for a Pokemon theme this year :)

What I'm excited about...
Cooler weather this weekend!
I am anxiously waiting to break out some of those items I picked up during the Nordstrom sale and my shopping trip this month!

What I'm watching/reading...
Mic and I are still going strong with Game of Thrones.
We are currently in season 4.

Dancing with the Stars is always hit or miss for me, but I couldn't wait to watch it this season with Nick & Vanessa Lachey as well as TO!

We have been watching a ton of college and NFL football at our house.
X can't get enough of it!
Me either for that matter :)

And I have recorded The Voice, This Is Us, and Big Bang Theory but haven't watched them yet.

What I'm listening to...
I can't enough of The Highway on Sirius radio.
I listen to it in my car and when I am at work :)
Here are some of my favorites right now...

And I just heard the full song of this one on my way to work today and had to add it!
So Good!

And I love this one too!

What I'm wearing...
The weather has been nuts around here!
August had me thinking it was Fall, and then September came and it was Summer all over again!
We have had highs in the upper 80's and into the 90's for the last two weeks!
So that means I am wearing the lightest clothing I have to work and around the house.

What I'm doing this weekend...


We have gone to our friend's hometown for the last two years for their big celebration.
It is so much fun!
I am looking forward to the yummy food and adding a new pin or two to my hat :)

What I'm looking forward to next month...
Mic and I will be celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary,

our Nashville trip with friends that I have talked about like crazy on here,

Halloween party at X's school,

and Trick-or-treating with friends!

What else is new...

Bonus Question: What TV show are you most excited about this Fall?
Probably This Is Us!
It is the only show other than Pretty Little Liars I was able to keep up with last year.
My DVR still has the full season of The Blacklist from last year waiting for me :/

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