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Friday, March 30, 2018

Linking up with Erika, Narci & Andrea for...
This week has been exhausting!
Thankfully it is Friday and I am more than ready for the weekend!
Let's get to those favorites!

We took off on Friday and headed south to cheer on the hometown team at the Ohio high school state basketball tournament.
Our friend's dad had seats in a suite, so we checked that out before heading down to our seats.
X was not feelin' it :(
He was terrified of how high he was!

But once we made it to our seats he was fine and back to his "cool" self ;)
He said this is his "What's up pose". lol!

We cheered and cheered, but unfortunately our guys lost :(

This guy was no longer afraid of heights, so we snagged a couple pictures in the suite again before we left.

And a couple pics with Brutus too ;)

Saturday afternoon we headed to X's awards banquet for Upwards.
My friend's daughter was called up on stage to help with the illusionist.

And then it was time for door prizes!
Oh my goodness do you they give out a ton of door prizes!!!!!
Believe it or not, I was the first parent called for a door prize and won a gift card to the movie theater :)

X had a Toy's R Us gift card that he hadn't used yet, so we made what quite possibly was our last trip there on Sunday.
Apparently, I took a 12 year old to the store with me that day ;)

A happy kid with his new toys :)

This right here is absolutely true!
Love you mom!!!

We took a quick drive on Sunday to check out some siding we are considering on a house out in the country.
Let me back up....isn't that amazing that a dealer gave us some one's address that purchased the siding color we were looking at?
That just seems crazy to me!
But, at the same time it was so nice getting to see it in person on that scale!
Afterwards, we stopped by our favorite ice cream shop for some frozen custard before heading home :)
Chocolate with rainbow sprinkles will always be my favorite!!!

--- On the blog this week --- 
I talked about some of my favorite makeup products I am currently using on Monday for TBB Talks.

And I joined the What's up Wednesday link party to recap the month of March and what we have coming up next month :)

Oh Instagram I love you so!
You always know how to turn my day around, put a smile on my face, or make me completely laugh out loud!

This is 100% me 👇🏼

This is also me 👇🏼

And maybe this one too 👇🏼

I think it is pretty safe to say all of those are me :) 🤷

In other news, I am off work today!!!!
We typically work on Good Friday (the downside of owning your own business),
but since X has been on Spring Break this week I wanted to take at least one day to do something fun with him.
Nothing is set in stone yet, but I am thinking about heading to the trampoline park followed by Cracker Barrel.

Then Saturday is the Alumni Basketball tournament that I conned got Mic to play in.
I mean, he did grow up playing basketball.
And he was in the starting 5 in high school.
And he did actually have a college interested in him playing basketball for them.
Granted, he is 40 years old now and doesn't do any sort of physical activity.
Fingers crossed and maybe saying a few prayers he doesn't get hurt!

And then we are celebrating Easter on Sunday :)
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

What's Up Wednesday | March 2018

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Linking up with some of my favorites today for...

What We're Eating This Week...
Sunday - Stuffed Shells
Monday - Chicken with brown rice and green beans
Tuesday - Loaded Nachos
Wednesday - Mommy & X Date Night :)
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - Out

And I am looking forward to Easter on Sunday - #givemealltheham :)

What I'm Reminiscing About...
Honestly, I haven't had time to reminisce :(

What I'm Loving...
Old Navy and Target!
They are killin' it right now on all the new clothing options & sales!
Most colors of these style of pants are sale for $15 today!!!!
Act Fast!!!!!

What We've Been Up To...
Making decisions about the house,
cheering on our hometown team at the high school state basketball tournament,

 watching X finish up his first season of basketball,

hanging out with friends,

and getting Spring School pictures!
Insert all the heart eye emojis!!!!!!

What I'm Dreading...
Having to decide what items have to go into storage, what items we need to have with us, and what items we need to have access to while we are living in our rental home :/

What I'm Working On...
A little bit of everything!
This blog post, packing our house, purging our house, getting X's Easter basket ready for this weekend, etc.

What I'm Excited About...
To move! lol!
I know that sounds crazy because who looks forward to moving?
Especially into a temporary home?
But after updating our old home and then moving to our current home, I am ready for a couple things to be "normal" again.
I am talking about a working dishwasher, and even more important 4 burners on the stove!
It's the little things people ;)

What I'm Watching/Reading...
Honestly, I feel like I haven't watched real TV in forever!
I have watched some of the college basketball tournament,

and I just binge watched a couple of episodes of This Is Us this week.

X has been watching a ton of What On Earth lately, so I have watched some of that too!

Otherwise, still recording The Voice, The Blacklist, Rise, and Splitting Up Together.
Trying to keep up with blog reading too :/

What I'm Listening To...
Luke Bryan - Most People Are Good

In my opinion it is the best song on the radio at the moment :)

What I'm Wearing...
My winter coat (seen below - available in XS only, on sale for $54) still :(
Spring doesn't really show up in Ohio until late April, so it is still pretty darn cold here.
But I have been rockin' my other lighter camo jacket (seen below - on sale for $48 sizes XS-L) as well on the nicer days.
I have also been wearing all the purple and black things to cheer on our local basketball team!

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
I am taking the day off on Friday so X can have a little Spring Break fun!
Maybe lunch at one of his favorite spots, a visit to the trampoline park, and who knows what else!
Then on Saturday we will be cheering Mic on at his alumni basketball tournament.
And Sunday is Easter!
#iamseriouswhenisaygivemealltheham ;)

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month...
Spring Soccer starts for X!

What Else Is New...
I think I have become addicted to ordering things from Amazon!
I have picked up most of X's Easter basket goodies from there,
I have two new fun Summer purses/bags,

Bamboo bag
 Straw Bag
a new set of makeup brushes,
and I have a new sunless tanning lotion coming my way.

And now I am contemplating ordering our office supplies and such from there so I don't have to make a special trip to the store.

Bonus Question: What Is Your Favorite Easter Tradition?
Visiting the giant Easter basket at one of the local parks near my hometown.
We didn't really do pictures with the Easter bunny when I was a kid.
That basket is where everyone would get a picture!

I have tried to do it every year with X too :)
 2012 - X's first trip to the Easter Basket at Lakeview Park :)


 2014 - The last year I was able to make it to the basket with X.

 Mic and I had a wedding to attend in 2015, so my dad grabbed a picture with X for us.

 We weren't able to make it up to the basket in 2016, so my mom snapped a picture of it and I "added" X to the photo ;)

In 2017 X's cousin Lily joined him for the basket picture :)

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