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Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday means one thing around these parts....massive link party!


But first,
This is as scary as I get! lol!

Orange nails :)
Perfect for Halloween & cheering on my favorite football team!
It is Ruffian in Fox Hunt.

Speaking of orange, I started picking out our outfits for our upcoming family photos.
Here is my inspiration photo
I just love the combination of orange and gray with some brown or black mixed in!

I found this recipe for Steak Bites by The Pioneer Woman on Pinterest last month and couldn't wait to try it. 
It is beyond easy!
And tastes amazing! Yes, that is probably due to the fact you are cooking steak in butter but who cares!
Workout a little harder that day! lol!
I actually just buy one steak and cut it into pieces for Mic and I to share.
I  love the fact that I am getting some protein without overeating.
You need to try this. You will thank me :)
I served mine with a side of vegetables - green beans or edamame.

Tomorrow is November 1st!
I am so excited for this weekend because we are putting up our Christmas decor!
Mic and I started what is now a tradition 3 years ago decorating our house and putting up our Christmas trees. 
I was due with X in early December that year and we had no clue what to expect - would I go early/late/Thanksgiving weekend/etc.
So to make things easier on ourselves we took down our Fall decor on the 1st of November and put up all things Christmas!
We fell in love with the coziness and being able to truly enjoy our decor and the season.
The following year X had a Winter "One"derland theme for his birthday (December 5th) so it was perfect.
Each year has been more fun than the next!
A few of our trees from last year - L to R - S'mores, Family, Snowflakes.

X went trick-or-treating for the first time!
Following along with the #BLOGTOBER14 prompt,
here he is in his Michelangelo costume :)
He might just be the cutest turtle I have ever seen :)
Hero's in a half shell, Turtle Power!
Yes, I know every word to the old theme song and almost every word of the new version.
We watch it A.LOT!

Helene in Between Blogtober

That is all for today folks!
I hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!

#xvsdailylife2014 Week 42 | V Facts

Thursday, October 30, 2014

 Day 295 ~ Can you guess what X is going to be for Halloween? 

 Day 296 ~ Good = He wants to read.
Bad = What a mess!

#TBT I can't believe it was 3 years ago this month that we were having maternity photos taken!

Day 297 ~ Silly selfies during daddy & X haircut time!

Day 298 ~ Boy do I love this little guy and his cheesy smile! :)

Day 299 ~ Football & Dinner in a pumpkin!
That is my kind of Sunday :)

 Day 300 ~ Love seeing Josh Cribbs recapping the Browns game!

Day 301 ~ This little hand melts my heart!

Helene in Between Blogtober

After taking a few days off, I am linking back up with Taylor and Helene to finish out the month of #BLOGTOBER14.

Today I am giving you a few cold, hard facts about me.

1. You should know by now that I am a die hard Cleveland Browns fan.
There is one other NFL team that has a piece of my heart as well...
The Oakland Raiders.
I loved them before the Bo Jackson days.
One of my all-time favorite players is Marcus Allen.
My dad even got me a throwback Raiders jersey a couple years ago :)

2. Staying on the subject of football - I am not a big college football fan. Honestly, it could go away and I wouldn't be too sad. 
I am a Sunday (Monday, Thursday) football girl.
Anyways, if given the choice this Ohio born & raised girl would pick Michigan over Ohio State.
Please don't hate me!
(I love all other Ohio teams, and I don't have a problem sporting scarlet & gray!)
My 2nd grade teacher (one of my favorites to this day) went to Michigan, while another 2nd grade teacher conveniently went to Ohio State. So the week of the big game all those years ago, my teacher taught us the Michigan fight song while the other class learned the OSU song. That Friday before the game we marched through the school halls singing Hail to the Victor in our maize and blue, while the other class did the same with scarlet and gray.
I can remember it like it was yesterday!
Ever since that week back in 1987 (yikes) a piece of my heart has belonged to the Michigan Wolverines.

3. I knew years before X was born what I wanted to name him. 
We actually had the name Savannah picked out for a girl years in advance as well.
We (meaning Mic) tossed around a few other names, but I never could budge from X.

4. I don't own an iPod or iPad. Eek! I do have an iPhone currently, but can't wait to switch to an Android or anything else.
I truly dislike the operating system. #sorrynotsorry
I honestly thought I would like it, but in the end I don't feel it is anything special.

5. My go to karaoke song choices have always been "My Baby Loves Me" by Martina McBride or anything from the Dixie Chicks :)
But if I walked into a karaoke bar today I would pick "Gunpowder & Lead" by Miranda Lambert.
I love to sing country!

6. Well, it is my favorite number so that is why there is a #6!

Click here and read more fun facts about me and see if we could be BFF's! 


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It has been forever since I participated in a "What I Wore Wednesday" link up!
Partially because I have been extremely busy, mainly because I just have forgotten to take photos of my outfits.

I am back today though!
Linking up with these fashionable ladies - 
Sarah @ Tucker Up
Shanna @ Because Shanna Said So

I love plaid just as much as the next blogger pinner girl.
Almost every outfit I wear these days has plaid in it somehow.
 My weekend duds usually consists of a flannel shirt, tank, distressed jeans, and boots.
It looks pulled together, I am warm, and most importantly I am comfortable!

Flannel Shirt - same brand similar
Tank - exact
Jeans - same brand similar
Boots - same brand similar

I wore this outfit for a short work day. It was chilly, but I needed easy clothing for doctor appointments and such the 2nd half of the day.
This was perfect :)

Nordstrom Plaid scarf - similar
Blue cable knit sweater - same brand similar
Green jeans - same brand similar
Boots - same brand similar

 I keep my work attire pretty neutral so this Pinterest worthy scarf from Target was exactly what I needed to add some color!

Plaid scarf - exact
Tan sweater - same brand similar

I have been really into painting my nails these days.
I blame it on the amazing Fall & Winter colors that are out right now.
I love a dark polish on my old lady hands to make them feel a bit younger ;)
Despite my inability to paint my nails with clean lines, I love this super cheap polish (think 99 cents) from Wet n' wild. 
It is Wild Shine in Burgundy Frost

So what have you been wearing recently?
Are you obsessed with plaid like me?
What are your favorite nail polish colors to wear in the Fall & Winter?

October Ipsy Glam Bag

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Ipsy glam bag arrived a couple of weeks ago, 
but I decided to try out the products this time around before revealing the goods.

As you can see from the card above, the theme this month is Beauty Candy.
So here is what I received...

This shade is spot on, and the formula is great for a matte finish.
It goes on really smooth. The only downside is that it isn't a gloss.
It is definitely a keeper, but with gloss over top for sure :)

I fell in love with this brand when they sent me their mud mask back in February. Cleansing cloths can be iffy for me, but these are amazing! They remove every last drop of makeup from my day, and don't dry out my skin!
WINNER! I will be getting more of these!

You really get a lot of shadow in this package, but I am just not a dark shadow girl :( 
I might keep it around for a smokey eye for the holidays or a night out, but it definitely isn't an every day look for me.

Figs & Rouge Hand Cream in Rose Berry $6.56
This is a great hand cream, but the scent is a bit strong for me.
I wish I would have received the vanilla one to test out instead.

Ipsy must have known my hair is in dire need of some lovin'!
Normally my hair doesn't look so stressed out, but these days it is looking pretty rough! 
X still twists his adorable little fingers into my hair every night to fall asleep. Meaning I wake up with some seriously tangled bedhead!
Yesterday it took me 10 minutes to comb through the knots in my hair after my shower :(
While I know this balm probably isn't a miracle worker, I hope it can at least help with the dullness factor.

Update: I used this hair balm last night after my shower. My hair feels so soft and healthy this morning! Love it!

What did you receive in your Ipsy bag?
I am thinking of making a switch for 2015.
Any suggestions on monthly subscriptions I should check out?

And remember that red lipstick/gloss I received last month that was a bit too dark for me?
Well my foxy friend Sarah in Cali traded with me :)
Here is the new shade...
This shade is much more me!
Thanks again for trading with me Sarah!

To sign up for your monthly Ipsy Glam Bag click here.
It is only $10 a month for 4-5 fun new beauty products in a different bag each month.

Weekend Fun | Favorite Things Party

Monday, October 27, 2014

We didn't do a whole heck of a lot this weekend, but it was still a good time!
After work on Friday we took X to get a haircut and Mic decided to join him.
X actually wanted to sit by himself in the tractor chair and only fussed when she sprayed his hair with water.

Fresh cut & only a few tears.
I call that success!

On Saturday Mic had office work to do so X and I just played around the house.
He even did a little coloring at his table, instead of playing with cars or running laps.
Once X took a nap and Mic finished his work, we decided to take a drive and enjoy the beautiful day.
We ended up at the Overlook at Mohican State Park in Loudonville.
Family Selfie = Total Fail! lol!

X loves to make faces for the camera. So that is exactly what we did on the ride to dinner.
 We ended up at one of my favorite comfort spots - Cracker Barrel.
This kid is the best!

 We ended our evening hanging out with some friends, eating some yummy food, and watching football.

Sunday was a typical lazy day.
I was able to get a quick run in on the treadmill before grocery shopping.
It was amazing! I haven't worked out in a month and I was seriously going crazy!

Since the Browns game wasn't on until 4:25 (really?), Mic and X took naps together while I made Dinner in a Pumpkin and got sucked into Scream 4.
I didn't even know they made it until I stumbled on it while flipping channels.
I hate all scary movies! The Scream trilogy is honestly the only ones I have ever watched all the way through.
I kind of felt obligated to watch the 4th movie.
In pure daylight, while making dinner, I watched Scream 4 and was scared out of my mind!
Why do I do this to myself? Who knows!
Either way, I am glad I had the Browns game to watch afterwards to get my mind off of it!
The funny thing about it wasn't that scary. I am just a complete wuss when it comes to horror or suspense movies of any kind!

After the movie we enjoyed our dinner and watched the Browns beat the Raiders :)
It was a great weekend!

What did you do this weekend?
Did your team come away with a win?

And I couldn't forget about linking up with Erika & Andrea for

I am keeping it super simple today.
In honor of Halloween, my favorite thing under $10 is...
Halloween Oreos! They are so good! And only $2.98 a package!!
I have no idea why they taste better than the original ones, but they do!
I can't wait for the red Christmas ones now! 

What is your favorite item under $10 right now?

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