Friday Five & June Pin-spired

Friday, May 30, 2014

This week/month has really been a blur!
I am hoping we can slow down a bit in June.

Let's get to business!

Linking up my Friday Five with the following
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We had a fantastic holiday weekend filled with friends, family, and lots of driving!

I signed up to attend my 2nd Blogger meet & greet!
I can't wait!
I get to meet fellow Ohio bloggers Erin, Kayla, and Shane (to name a few).
 photo OHBloggerMeetUp_zpse70f080e.jpg

Mic rocked the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse!
He is down 11 pounds and 8.25 inches overall!

I challenged myself to increase the weight I was using at booty barre class on Wednesday night.
WOW! It was rough, but felt so good afterwards!
I seriously love working out!
Maybe in my next life I will be a trainer :)

We are entering vacation month!!!!!
Not.Excited.One.Bit!!! (said very sarcastically)
In my mind/dream world I will be relaxing by the ocean, sipping a fruity concoction, and soaking up the sun.
In the real world I will be chasing after a very quick 2.5 year old, brushing sand off of me every 5 seconds, and praying X takes a nap each day so I can have a few minutes to sit down :)
I don't care either way honestly!
I just can't wait to spend some time with my little family and our friends! :)
9 month old X on the beach for the first time!
I would love to recreate this photo, but I have a feeling he won't sit still this time around!

How was your week?
Any big weekend plans?

Now onto my favorite monthly link up party with Shay, Sheaffer, & Mel!

Between the Spring Style Me Challenge and just forgetting to take photos of my outfits, I only have one recreation for today :(

But I love this outfit, so that is what matters!

Here is my inspiration photo...

It was love at first sight when I saw this outfit on Pinterest!
White & any color gingham are 100% me!!!!

My result... 
Joe Fresh Gingham shirt, exact
Old Navy white shorts, similar
Silver ball necklace, similar 

I had a long strand of pearls that I could have worn with this,
but I switched them out for a silver ball necklace to keep it more modern.

I even wore it to work that day and just switched out the shorts for my white dress pants!
Old Navy white pants, similar

This is one of my favorite summer go-to outfits!
Now I just need a good faux tan and I am set!

Check out all my pin-spired looks here!

What is your go-to outfit in the summer for work or play?

That is all for today folks :)
Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

#xvsdailylife2014 Week 20

Thursday, May 29, 2014

 Day 141 ~ I think it is wacky the first time I turn on Idol all season Richard Marx is on there! #love

 Day 142 ~ Being a goofball! I felt so 80's pop star with my hair and light wash denim jacket.

 Day 143 ~ I spy someone watching Cars again!
#firsttimethisweekend #probablynothislast

Day 144 ~ We had fun visiting Pa while he was camping!

Any child who grew up in the 80's has to remember Jake "The Snake" Roberts from the WWF!
This was an infomercial for DDP's (Diamond Dallas Page) yoga workout! lol!

Day 145 ~ Just a little playtime outside at Grandma's wedding open house.

 Day 146 ~This kid and a pair of my old sunglasses sure look good together!

 Day 147 ~ Today was a good mail day!
And I actually was able to look at them!!!

Sorry about all the repeat photos this week.
I was either too busy or just having too much fun to take a lot of pictures :)

Recipe Club with Momfessionals

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Changing things up today since I was a horrible blogger and didn't take one outfit photo all week!
Today I am linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals for her monthly recipe club link up!

We tend to eat some of the same meals over and over each week.
 1. Because they are super easy recipes
2. They taste pretty darn good
3. They are good for you

I posted the recipe for my Shrimp Stir fry before
but it is simply so delicious and easy to make that I had to share again!

Here is what you will need to serve a family of four..
1 bag of frozen shrimp - peeled, de-veined, and tails off (I use the medium sized shrimp)
1 large green pepper
1 large onion
1 10 oz. bag of fresh broccoli 
1 8oz. container of fresh sliced mushrooms
1 box of brown rice
Canola Oil
Lite/No Sodium Soy Sauce

Heat about 5-6 tablespoons (I add more as needed) of canola oil over medium heat in a wok or large frying pan.
Follow the instructions on the bag of shrimp to thaw.
Cook your brown rice according to box for 4 servings.
Chop the green pepper, onion, broccoli, and mushrooms and toss into the wok.
I cook the veggies in the wok while the rice is cooking (about 5 minutes).
While the rice is sitting (for another 5 minutes),
I toss the thawed shrimp into the veggie mixture and continue to cook for a few minutes.
Serve a heaping spoonful of veggies and shrimp over a portion of brown rice.
Drizzle soy sauce over your plate of goodness and ENJOY!

You can add as much or as little as you want of each of the veggies and the shrimp.
Make it your own and have fun with it :)
And if you meal prep for the week this recipe is really easy!

I would love to see what your favorite recipes are!
Link up your recipes with Andrea or just share in the comments below :)

Calling all Ohio Bloggers!
Time is running out to RSVP for the all Ohio meet up!
Email Shane today to join the fun :)
 photo OHBloggerMeetUp_zpse70f080e.jpg

And for anyone else make sure to add your blog to her Coast to Coast map!

Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Where do I begin?
This weekend was jam packed with visiting family & friends.


Since we knew we had 3 full days ahead of us we stayed home and relaxed.
Of course we watched Cars with X for the gazillonith time!!! lol!


After getting my morning workout in at booty barre,
we headed up to Port Clinton to visit my dad and step mom for the day while they were camping.
We were so looking forward to catching some rays while swimming, but unfortunately the outdoor pool wasn't open :(
We settled for the indoor pool and playing on the slide instead :)

My dad and X walking to the playground/Fun on the slide
X in his swim gear/Snuggling with Pa/Having fun in the pool with daddy
Enjoying his first cob of corn/The 80lb turtle that the campers next to my dad had with them!
My dad snapped this pic of X while they were playing together.
He told X that he wanted to take his picture,
so he posed and said "CHEESE" :)


My mom had an open house/reception celebrating her recent marriage.
They had it in a community center in my hometown that sits right on Lake Erie.
The weather was PERFECT!
The place looked great, the food was good, and I think everyone had a great time!
I unfortunately didn't take any pictures since I was helping out,
talking to guests, and just enjoying myself :)
X found a stick in the play area and was going to town "hammering" things. lol!

Looks so determined while having his water at Applebee's.


We enjoyed a lazy morning before heading over to my in-laws to cookout.
X was so tired, but fought taking a nap for quite awhile :(
After dinner and hanging out for awhile I headed off to get another workout in before calling it a weekend.
When I picked Mic and X up from his parents' house X wanted to wear sunglasses.
Thankfully I had an old pair he could use :)
This kid kills me with his cuteness!!!
Watching some Super Why at his Grammy's house before his nap.

I just can't take the cuteness!
And look at that drool on his chin :)
My heart just melts!

How was your weekend?

Linking up today with Bella & Lisa for
Dateless in Dallas

Favorite Things Party - Red, White & Blue Edition

Monday, May 26, 2014

I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday weekend!

Linking up today with Andrea & Erika for

In honor of Memorial Day today the party is red, white & blue!

When I was at Kroger the other day they had large seedless watermelons on sale for $4.99!!!
Perfect for all of your cookouts this weekend!
Perfect for a healthy snack during the week!
Perfect for all summer long no matter what you are doing!

I love a good white nail polish for the summer!
Essie is topping my list this year for their quality and coming in at $8.50 a bottle.


This blue tee from Old Navy is perfect X and it is only $4.50!
Check out the entire collection of Old Navy flag tees here.
Loving this one for me, and I would love this one for X too!

He is a HUGE Mickey Mouse fan!

You can check out all of my favorite things posts here.

Thanks for stopping by!

The Friday Five

Friday, May 23, 2014

Since this week hasn't been all that exciting I am bringing you a spin on my Friday Five.
Eating healthy.
Maybe it is the weather, or that summer is almost here.
Or maybe it is the fact that I have a beach vacation coming up!
Either way...Mic and I have been making better choices when it comes to food & drinks!
Lots of water, smaller portions, lean meats, and tons and tons of fruits and veggies.
It really does feel good to put good food in your body! :)

Booty Barre
It seriously is a great workout and totally transforms your body!
If you haven't checked it out yet...what you are doing?

Jason Derulo's song Talk Dirty 
I must dance to it Every.Single.Time!
Yes, the words basically repeat themselves but I can't help but dance to it!
The beat is great!

I can't help it! 
This little guy is my world and lately I have been falling more and more in love with him!
He is so much fun to watch as he is learning and playing and talking :)
Blurry, but oh so cute!

TV Hiatus
All of my regularly watched TV shows are done until the Fall (except PLL coming back on June 10th).
That means time to play outside, cooking and eating dinner outside, fun evenings at the park, etc.

What can't you get enough of these days?

Linking up with the following today
 photo H54Fbutton_zps973d26e1.png


Happy Friday & enjoy the holiday weekend!
See you all back here on Tuesday :)

#xvsdailylife2014 Week 19

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 134 ~ Mommy needed some space tonight!

 Day 135 ~ Another evening of watching Cars 2 with my little guy :)

 Day 136 ~ My nosy little guy kept turning around while we waited for our dinner to watch some high school kids playing pool. 

 Day 137 ~ Enjoyed the morning with my mommy!

Day 138 ~ Lunch/dinner time! #yum

 Day 139 ~ Too much cuteness!

Day 140 ~ Just sitting on the porch watching daddy mow :)

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