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Thursday, December 31, 2015

It is New Year's Eve!
I can't wait to spend the evening with good friends ringing in 2016!
But first, let's take a look back at 15 of my favorite moments in 2015.
Of course, I wouldn't be doing that without the suggestion from the lovely ladies below :)

Way back in January I was able to attend a basketball game at my high school.
Mic and X had never been there before, so it was extra special to bring them back to a place that had a lot to do with who I am today.
A new school has now been built and opened, and the old high school has turned into a large elementary school for grades 3-6.
Of course my favorite moment of the evening was watching this guy run around on the gym floor that I spent many 4 years cheering on :)

This guy enjoyed some firsts and fun activities this year.
Like buying his very first baseball mitt,
rockin' his tumbling class,
coloring Easter eggs all by himself,
starting t-ball,
and winning his very own prize at the Blueberry Festival playing games!

We celebrated my little brother getting married this year!
I had a blast with Samantha and her friends for her bachelorette evening.
And then on May 16, 2015 this girl became my sister-in-law :)
Love these two!

After many, many, many years with my Jeep Grand Cherokee I upgraded to a Toyota Highlander.
My Jeep was so old school that I still can't figure out how to use this one!
But it is growing on me, and I love it!

Way back in February my in-laws made the decision to down size, and we made to the decision to move to Mic's childhood home.

After months of pulling my hair out moving my in-laws into their new place, we left the place we called home for the last nine years.

And officially put it on the market in late August,

and then moved!
And put up the first mailbox this 40 year old home in the country has ever had!
And at the beginning of December we handed over the keys to the new owners of Camden Court.

I had my very first Mommy/Son date with X this year!
Many more trips for ice cream and such followed :)

The three of us took a much needed vacation in June to one of our favorite spots - Savannah, Georgia!
We enjoyed the sun and sand at Tybee Island, and the beautiful sites and river in Historic Savannah.
It was a great getaway!

I live in a pretty small town with little to no shopping options.
So, I decided to give Stitch Fix a try!
I love it!
While I have only kept a couple things from the two boxes I have received so far,
I am sure it won't be long before I keep an entire box!

This guy and I celebrate 14 years of being together, and 9 years of being married.
While it isn't easy, I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else!

This goofball officially started preschool in August at a new school and it was truly the best decision we have ever made!
He loves it! We love it!
And I was able to accompany X on his very first school field trip!
So much fun!

We have some really great ones!
From cookouts & swimming, to Oktoberfest, to scarf exchanges, and more!
We just love spending time with our friends who are more like family :)

We also celebrated this guy turning 4 this year!
And after his check up, he is growing like a weed!
He may just be as tall as his daddy some day!

Every year around my birthday my dad and I go to a Cleveland Browns game together as our Father/Daughter tradition.
We have done this now for a good 30 years.
We have had some great times at those games together, and this year definitely ranks up there as one of the best!
I got to meet Hanford Dixon from the original Dawg Pound days!
As a die hard fan I was on cloud 9!

X participated in not one, but two Christmas programs at his school!
Both were adorable and he did amazing singing his songs loud and proud!

We just recently enjoyed our first (of what I hope to be many) Christmas Eve services at X's school.
I truly think I found my new home away from home :)

This guy, Mic and myself enjoyed a wonderful Christmas with friends and family!
We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful and generous people in our lives :)

And that my friends has been some of my favorite moments of 2015!
Looking forward to 2016!
Be safe!

Four Christmases | 2015 Edition

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Every year I start my Christmas shopping in October, we try to get the decorations and trees up in early November, and pray that we will be on top of things and truly get to enjoy the holidays.
Only sometimes this happens.
This year was the worst for not being on top of things!
So when stressed at the holidays what do I do?
This helped a little bit.
That red cup helped a little as well ;)

Christmas basically began on Wednesday afternoon for us and didn't end until late Saturday.
Mic put together X's big gift Wednesday afternoon, and then we headed out for dinner and some last minute shopping.

We woke up on Christmas Eve and celebrated with donuts!
I quickly made a pumpkin pie and then we headed over to my in-laws house to celebrate with them.
(Christmas #1)
This next picture is blurry, but I couldn't resist posting it.
This goofball was dancing around to his "own" music.
And after opening presents with Grammie & P, he can make his own music :)
After dinner, we cleaned up and headed off to Christmas Eve service at X's school.
This is the first time he has ever been to church, so I was a little nervous if he would get chatty, be loud, or just not want to sit still.
Thankfully, he did great!
I think it was because he was comfortable with it being his school that he did so well!
At one point he whispered to Mic, "these are my people".
Boy does he melt my heart :)

It was truly a great service.
I might have found my new spot :)

We went back to my in-laws house for a bite of dessert before heading home to go to bed.

Christmas morning was finally here!
(Christmas #2)

This next picture is what you get when taking photos in the dark.
Note to self - Turn on the lights before X comes down the stairs next year!
You must watch this video!
How did that kid not see the giant blue truck sitting next to the tree?

After opening a few presents X was done.
I mean, actually started to cry because I wanted him to keep opening.
So what felt like forever (closer to 45 minutes), he finally came back to the room and opened the rest.

Later on X kept saying Christmas was awesome!

Once we ate breakfast it was time to get on with our day.
The boys played with Lego's and goofed around with X's new sled, while I baked another pie.
X really tried to pull Mic in the sled, but it just wasn't happening. lol!
Of course I had to play a little too.
So I tested out my new big girl camera :)

I have no idea what I am doing, but I can't wait to learn all about it!

We gathered our things and headed north to celebrate with my dad and step mom (Christmas #3).
My dad set up part of his race track and train track for X to enjoy.
This is one of his favorite things to do at my dad's house!
To be honest, it was one of my brother's and my favorite things to do as kids as well!
These next few photos were taken with my new camera.
I am heaven!
The color, the clarity, the would think I am talking about a diamond! lol!

On Saturday morning we enjoyed some breakfast at my dad's house with my brother and SIL before heading over to my mom's house (Christmas #4).

After lots of good company and good food, we packed up our things and headed back to the country.
X was so tired he was out cold minutes after leaving my mom's house.
While Mic was changing X and putting him to bed, I carried in our things and then stopped to enjoy a moment near the tree.

It rained and rained our whole way home and through the night.
We didn't wake up to a pretty site, but it doesn't come close to the devastation some others faced this Christmas.

And that is a wrap on #Christmas2015
We enjoyed lots of food, family, and friends over the last few days.
It was wonderful!

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