Friday Favorites | Happy Edition

Friday, October 30, 2015

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands! (clap, clap)
That seriously just popped into my head as I started typing and I thought, go with it!
Now that I got that out of the way, let's get to my Friday Favorites!

My new cuffs arrived from Farmgirl Paints this week and I absolutely love them!
I can't pick which one is my favorite!
Becky's shop is open until 5pm EST today (10/30) and then won't reopen until January!
So get over to Etsy and place your orders ASAP!
#shakeitoff #lifeisgood #goodreminders

Speaking of a good life, this is my new nightly dessert and boy is it yummy!
I scooped a small portion of Greek yogurt into a container and threw it in the freezer.
Take it out a few hours later, add your favorite fruit (strawberries for me) and ENJOY!
So easy, so filling, and so healthy for you :)

And speaking of being healthy, I am happy to report that I have woke up early every morning this week and got my workout in at 6am.
While waking up early is definitely not a favorite thing to do, working out is a favorite!
And I am feeling better, have more energy, etc. after just a week!

Most of us in blog land are #MadForPlaid and I am definitely NOT an exception!
I walked into Old Navy to return something I ordered online and couldn't resist this lumber jack flannel!
Anything red plaid is a favorite for me!
 And I might have picked up another favorite item while at Old Navy as well ;)
Slim puffer vest for the win!

Now that I am living in the country I figured I needed to get something with a deer on it.
Really, I have been wanting a deer tunic for awhile now but haven't found the right one or they sell out too darn quick!
So when I saw this tunic from Nobella Grace on Instagram I scooped it up!
I haven't seen anything like it in stores, or online, or for that great price!
And look at the length?
Perfect to rock with my very favorite leggings that Sheaffer told me I must have! ;)

Last night was trick-or-treat in our town and X was super pumped!
My little dinosaur was just the cutest!
Favorite costume of the night!

The boys were having fun "Fixing" the house and pretending to be firemen :)
We had a great time hanging with friends, having dinner, enjoying our favorite apple donuts, and making memories :)
That's what life is all about right?

And that my friends has been the last week of October!
Looking forward to our rescheduled family photos and another Halloween party on Saturday.
As well as turning the clocks back Saturday night/Sunday morning.
Happy Friday Friends!
Have a great weekend & Happy Halloween!

In case you missed it, I have a few healthy Halloween treats for you to enjoy this weekend with family and friends.
And check out what we are looking forward to in November!

Linking up with the fab ladies below :)


Halloween | A Healthy Version

Thursday, October 29, 2015

We are attending a kid friendly Halloween party this weekend and I was looking for something I could bring that wouldn't be loaded with sugar.
Especially since those kiddos will be getting loads of candy from trick-or-treat.
So of course I jumped on Pinterest and found a bunch of great options!

X loves grapes!
This would be so simple, and super healthy!

Another great option would be this fruit tray set up like a pumpkin face.
source unknown

Or a veggie tray version.

I won't suck all the sugary goodness out of Halloween for you.
Here is a super cute dessert for kiddos and adults!
Who doesn't like chocolate pudding? Or peeps? Or mallow pumpkins?

This trail mix is sure to please ghosts and goblins of all ages.

X loves all things cheesy, so these treat bags would be a huge hit!

Do you attend any Halloween parties or dinners?
What healthy alternatives do you make?
And just for fun, what was your favorite candy to get at Halloween?

Link your #ThinkingOutLoudThursday post below.
And don't forget to link back to X-tremely V & Penny's Passion!
Happy Thursday!

What's Up Wednesday | October

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

 Do you know what day it is?
It is....

What we're eating this week...
We are still loving that meatloaf I mentioned last month!
It makes two loaves, so that means just adding a new side each night and dinner is done!
We are also enjoying those delicious Honeycrisp apples,
apple donuts from our local orchard,

 and of course Friday night pizza night!

What I'm reminiscing about...
My little guy being little.
Thanks to Facebook and the "On this day" reminder I am seeing all kinds of posts of X over the last few years, as well as ones when I was 1-2 months away from giving birth to him :)
Like my maternity photos below from October of 2011.

What I'm loving...
Fall in Ohio!
My front/side yard view.
 The changing leaves, boot & sweater weather, scarves, etc.!
I just love it all!

What we've been up to...
We moved the rest of our things from the old house over to the new house finally!
That means we have our bed back! YEH!
It isn't pretty at the moment, but it's a bed!

What I'm dreading...
Honestly, nothing right now :)

What I'm working on...
Getting all the rooms in order now that all of our stuff is finally in one place.
Hoping to have things organized and put away by the first weekend of November.
Not our house, but looks very similar with all those boxes!

What I'm excited about...
Decorating our new house for Christmas!
We like to get things out and start putting up our trees and decor on November 1st :)
We started the tradition in 2011 since I was due with X at the beginning of December.
We didn't want to take any chances, so we put it all up and were able to enjoy it for almost two full months!
It was great!
Now we look forward to it every year :)
This year I have lots of new spots to decorate and I can't wait!
One of many trees we put out each year.

What I'm watching/reading...
When I am not watching PJ Masks with X on repeat, I have tried to get some QT with my DVR.
I have episodes of The Blacklist, Heroes Reborn, Blindspot, Big Bang Theory, and more building up.
I have caught up on Nashville, and oh boy is it good!

What I'm listening to...
Love, love, love the new single from Demi Lovato!

What I'm wearing...
Boots, boots, and more boots!
From my Hunters, my cowboy boots, my TOMS wedges, and more - they are all gracing my feet these days.
Colder temps call for covered toes :)
Daydreaming of these babies :)

What I'm doing this weekend...
Since weekends basically begin on Thursday night (sometimes my mind thinks I am still in college), 
we have trick-or-treat with our little dinosaur and some friends that night.
Our family photos were rescheduled due to rain last Saturday,
so we are looking forward to getting those done on Saturday afternoon.
Then we have a family friendly Halloween party to attend :)

What I'm looking forward to next month...
My annual scarf exchange
Weekends with no plans
Black Friday shopping

What else is new...
The Chrisley Family is back with all new episodes November 10th on USA!

Bonus Question: What is your favorite Thanksgiving recipe?
I love to bake, so a good ole' traditional pumpkin pie is perfect to me!

So what have you been up to in October?
What are you looking forward to in November?

Deputy Siobhan Kelly

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Friday was a long and crazy day for Mic and I, so we decided to grab our traditional Friday pizza out.
We had fun taking selfies at Pizza Hut while we waited for our pizza to arrive :)

This kid has watched me do a few workout DVDs recently and is always fascinated by the skinny people and their tummies showing.
His latest thing is to show his tummy as well!
Of course the goofy guy wanted to shake his bootie too!
Mic and I moved the rest of our stuff from the old house over to the new place and the first thing I set up was our bed!
It may not look too great in this pic, but it felt amazing to sleep on a bed again!

Saturday morning I was exhausted from moving all day the day before, so a trip to Starbucks was much needed.
When I got back home the trees just screamed Fall!

Family photos will be taken on this property in the future!

Due to rain, we had to reschedule our photos which meant I had more time to get ready for a Halloween party that night.
I honestly hadn't planned on dressing up, but at the last minute Mic and I went as officers.
Not just any officers though.
He was Sheriff Lucas Hood and I was Deputy Siobhan Kelly from the TV show Banshee :)
There was a guy wearing a Ted costume (from the movie) that had to be 1000*!
I never seemed to get a good pic of him, so this was as good as it got while he was dancing.

Sunday was a fairly lazy day.
Grocery shopping, meal prepping for the week, watching the Browns lose again.
You know, the usual :(

X took another late nap and didn't wake up until after 7pm!
Mic needed gas in his car, so we stopped at Bob Evans for a late comfort meal before calling it a night.

And that my friends was the weekend!
Looking forward to trick-or-treat this week :)

How was your weekend?
Did you go to any Halloween celebrations?

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