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Monday, May 30, 2016

Happy Memorial Day!
I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend with friends & family :)
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Long Weekends + A Giveaway

Friday, May 27, 2016

Aren't long weekends the best?
I honestly think we need to figure out a way to have 4 day work weeks every week!

So I am backing up to last Thursday night for X's Spring Program at school.
I walked him down to the gym before things began and he was having a blast pretending to be an airplane :)
It was standing room only!
Thankfully, Mic and my mom were already saving my seat.
Here comes my favorite goofy guy :)

This was just the 3-4 year old group singing songs.

When I was walking X into the gym before the program we saw his music teacher.
She told me how great X was at knowing all the words and motions to the songs :)
And boy was she right!
While some of the little ones seemed truly scared to be on stage, my little ham lit up.
Even these "scary" faces were part of the performance and not X being silly.
They ended with a song called "I'm not perfect", and it truly melted my heart :)
My favorite song of the night.

After the program we grabbed some dinner at Der Dutchman with my mom and step dad and X conned convinced my mom to buy him another sticker book from the gift shop :/

Friday morning I splurged and enjoyed an Amish blueberry fry pie that we took home from the restaurant.
Blueberries might be my new favorite fruit :)

Since X went to school this week, I totally didn't think about taking his picture on Friday morning for his last day of school.
So I quickly snapped a pic of him outside before we left Friday afternoon by his favorite thing...the sandbox!

T-ball was cancelled on Saturday morning due to rain in our area, so we were able to head out a bit sooner than expected for Lake Michigan.

X was sleeping when we stopped for gas, so I asked Mic to grabbed me my favorite - frozen coke inside the gas station.
Holy moly was this thing huge!
This is a medium!

We arrived in Grand Haven, Michigan about 5.5 hours later to camp with my dad and step mom for the rest of the weekend.
They were camping at the Grand Haven State Park located right on the beach of Lake Michigan for the Great Lakes Kite Festival.

We headed over to the beach to check out the kites for a bit before heading back to the camper for dinner.
That sand was SO soft!

After dinner we took a stroll through downtown Grand Haven and even stopped for some ice cream :)
I am kicking myself now because I didn't pick up that fire tee!
As soon as Mic saw it he said that is so you, and he was right!
Must find it online!
Graphic tees are my favorite! So are campfires :)
It was beautiful out!
The temps were in the upper 60's and the sun was shining.

Sunday morning we woke up and got ready for another fun day by the lake.
The kite festival was still going on, so we set up shop to watch the performances for a bit before heading out to explore Holland, Michigan.

Note to self:
Don't ask your kid to smile for a picture when he is eating fruit snacks :/

X's favorite part of the entire trip....the playground of course!
After eating dinner at New Holland Brewing, we headed back to Grand Haven.
Of course we stopped for ice cream again ;)
Sunday evening was perfect for X to fly his kites for the first time.
He loved it, and told me he was just like the professionals from the kite show ;)

Monday morning we packed things up and headed back to Ohio
Unfortunately, we were stuck in stand still traffic just south of Toledo for over an hour!
So the first exit we were able to make it to, we stopped and grabbed treats :)
X and I totally had the same sprinkle one :)
Mic tried the blueberry donut milkshake and it quickly became his new favorite!

We were able to relax for about an hour when we got home before heading out to X's t-ball game.
It was so hot!
So we hit up our favorite ice cream spot after the game for our favorite Superman ice cream!

Wednesday night my mom was able to come down to watch X play :)
I snagged these pics she posted to Facebook from the game.
Yes, that is me leaning in telling X how to swing the bat.
My favorite player :)

Today is X's last day of fun at school.
Can't believe his first year of preschool is over!
But at the same time, bring on summer!

I thought it was fitting to take his picture next to those same weeds from the beginning of the school year ;)

Hope you all had a fantastic week!
And don't forget to check out my What's Up May post!

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Happy Thursday!
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And believe it or not, I did blog yesterday - What's Up May!

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