FWTFL Round 1 Results

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

It's the moment of truth!
I completed my first 6 weeks (Round 1) of FASTer Way To Fat Loss on Sunday evening.
If you are new here, head here first to read about my first 3 weeks on the program.

So here are some things I was terrified about the program going in...

Intermittent Fasting

Low Macro Days

Minimal Workouts

Want to know what I absolutely love after 6 weeks of doing FWTFL?

Intermittent Fasting & Minimal Workouts!

Honestly, I love everything about the program!
I have tried other programs where you drink shakes, use portion control containers, workout until you can't move/breathe, eliminate your favorite treats, etc.
None of those things are in the FASTer Way!

You count Macros in this program, not calories.
You do a workout that goes along with the type of day (Low Carb, Regular Macro, Low Macro).
Heck, Low Macro days you don't actually have to do a workout at all!
The FASTer Way wants you to take rest days.

You can still have some of your favorite treats!
Do you like wine?
How about a sweet like donuts?
Pasta anyone?
Yep, you can build those items right into your week!
It's life!
And this is a lifestyle change!

I remember just 6 weeks ago being so nervous about going out to eat with friends/family and how was I going to adjust for a Low Carb day.
I could have just thrown the day away and said I will do better tomorrow.
But I didn't!
I plugged in items on My Fitness Pal app, saw what fit into my macros for the day, and ordered without any stress.

The other thing that was key for me was rearranging the days based on my needs.
In an ideal world I would follow the calendar exactly as designed.
But in the real happens!
I knew I had a 24 hour fast coming up on my last day of week 6.
But my schedule was full of activities with friends.
I knew that to make the most of the 24 hour fast I had to move it to a day that worked better in my schedule.
So that is exactly what I did!
I started my fast on Thursday evening and completed it right around dinner time on Friday.
Easy peasy!
Which meant Sunday was just a low macro day for me.
I did my normal workout, kept my macros low, and still enjoyed a wonderful time with friends!

Onto my 6 week results!
I wish I were brave enough to share my before and after photos with you all, but I'm just not there yet mentally.
I hope to be there one day...sooner rather than later!

But I figured I could still share a couple of photos that would give you a general idea of my changes.

The first photo was from NYE obviously...

And here are a couple of pictures from just last week...

Now for the numbers of it all!
I said it before, this program is not about the scale.
But let's be honest....that is what most people pay attention to.
I tried really hard to not think about the scale, but after years of the scale being "the thing that matters" it is hard to get that out of your head.

So with my measurements I did weigh myself to see what changes I had.

I lost 8.8 pounds and 15 inches overall!!!
I haven't lost a single pound in almost a year doing all the "right things"!
So to see almost 9 pounds lost has me smiling from ear to ear!
Even better is the inches I have shed!
I took a lot of different measurements to really see how much my body would change in 6 weeks.
Going just by the 5 measurements FWTFL asks for, I lost 11.5 inches overall.

And yes, I have even one better than the inches and pounds clothes fit again!!!!
I seriously wore some dress pants to work last week that I haven't been able to wear in almost a year!
Like couldn't even get them past my hips, let alone button them!
I really thought I was being a bit over zealous when I ironed them to wear last week.
Turns out they actually were slightly loose on me!!!!

I tried on a two piece bathing suit I bought last summer for my girls trip, but ended up not wearing because it felt too snug at the time.
I decided to try it on the other night and it is too big!
Seriously too big!!

I am over the moon with my results!
I knew after my 3 week results that this program was completely transforming me, but I didn't realize just how much it would!
I loved it so much, I signed up for a second round!
I am on day 2 :)

Those fears I mentioned in the beginning seemed to gradually go away each day that I completed.

Another huge thing in my book that I have accomplished was drinking coffee practically black!
I found and fell in love with Nutpods French Vanilla non dairy creamer.
On all days but 24 fast days, I use the max allowed (50 calories) each morning in my coffee.
On fast days I actually dropped it down to 20 calories in the morning so I could add it to my afternoon cup of coffee.

One more thing before I end this super long post ;)
I wasn't perfect on this program.
Did I modify some of the moves in the at home workouts?
You bet!
Did I still enjoy pizza, an adult beverage, BACON or a cupcake from time to time?

The whole motto of FWTFL is Progress over Perfection.
Each day that moved forward I felt myself gravitating towards cleaner/whole foods.
I actually ordered my favorite Starbucks drink for my treat on leg day and I wasn't that impressed with it.
That just seems nuts!
But it is true!

If you are like me and tried all the different programs, but haven't found the one that works.
I would love for you to give FASTer Way a chance.
I'm including my affiliate link here for you to sign up for the next round available.

Still on the fence?
I totally get it!
Please feel free to comment below or email me directly at with your questions/concerns/etc.

Thanks for stopping by and following along on my FASTer Way journey.
Stayed tuned for another 3 and 6 week update coming to the blog :)

XOXO ~ Vanessa


  1. You look great! I'm seriously considering trying this program.

    1. Thanks Angela! Some day I'll be brave enough to share those swimsuit before and after! I think anyone would really love this program! I am absolutely amazed with the changes I have experienced after seeing nothing for so long!

  2. Great results! I did two rounds and was so happy with it - but I'm terrible at figuring out what to eat, so I was eating the same thing all the time, and I got bored. I need a bunch of people to tell me what they eat and I'll copy them! I'm still doing IF - it's a total lifestyle for me now and I love it. You look fanatastic!

    1. That is awesome! I don't meal plan as well as I should honestly. I'm a creature of habit, so I tend to eat the same things every day but the weekends. But I know have an idea of what fits where in my macros now so I'm not nearly as worried 😊

  3. Those are awesome results! Learning to drink coffee black was such a huge change for me years ago. I'm actually reading Body Love right now and it has been so interesting. I'm all about the science behind it all.

    1. Thanks so much Shelly! I need to check that book out! I never really thought about how much I loved the science of anything until I got older. Now I research everything under the sun! Lol!

  4. I think this is the same thing that Lana did last year. You have me really wanting to try this out, but it seems so intimidating to not eat for that long! EEEEKK!!!! You look great! Woo hoo, to having to buy a new swim suit! Target is BOGO 50% off!


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