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Friday, May 11, 2018

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Spring Soccer is coming to an end this weekend and it actually makes me a little sad.
(I honestly can't believe I just typed that)
But I truly love seeing X in his element!
Every game he shows us something new we didn't even know he could do!
Thankfully, soccer camp isn't too far off for him :)

Unfortunately, I had to miss his game on Monday night (more on that in a moment) but Mic and my dad were there to cheer him on!
Another great game from what I heard and from the videos Mic took.
And I totally stole these couple of pics from my dad's post on Facebook :)
When I was watching the videos Mic took, I saw some photos from last year.
How was this a year ago??

So why did I miss his game on Monday night?
Because I went to see this guy with some friends :)

We enjoyed dinner at BD's Mongolian Grill before heading in for the show.
I had never ate there before, but was excited to give it a try.
It was really good!

Then it was time to head into the arena :)
I need to stop here for a moment and just give these lovely ladies a shout out.
When I first moved here I was miserable.
I left everything and everyone I knew to follow my heart.
Making friends as an adult is REALLY hard!!!
Making good friends as an adult is even harder to do!
I am so thankful for these ladies (and a few others - you know who you are) that have made me turn my opinion around about this town, and truly make life enjoyable :)

Ok, now back to the show!
JT never disappoints, and Monday night was no different!

I will say, he played quite a bit off the new album so if you are going you might want to know those songs.
He also played for 2 hours straight!!!
Definitely one of the best performers I have ever seen in concert!

In other news, I had not one but two solo outings this past weekend!

While they weren't very long, they still happened!
First up was a Saturday evening trip to Target.
I walked out with only what I needed, but I so wanted that AHOY! pillow!
Am I the only one who LOVES all the nautical things this time of year?

Then I made a trip to Walmart for again only what I needed (it can be done friends).
I spotted this aisle while I was there and it immediately made me think of all of my friends who love all the farmhouse decor.
While I am not a super farmhouse style junkie, I do LOVE all the metal things!

 On the blog this week I talked about All the Entertainment things with The Blended Blog,

and then I linked up for How We...Wednesday to discuss transitioning our wardrobes.

Is this anyone else or just me? ;)

The last thing for today is this ridiculous Pileated Woodpecker at we have at our house.
Last week he was pecking away at the railing on our deck.
This week he has decided that ALL the window frames on our house are enticing!!!
Thankfully, we are starting the remodeling process very soon.
If we don't, this guy might just take down our entire house!

Here is what he looks like...

And that is all for today!
Wishing you all a Happy Mother's Day weekend!

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