Monday, April 17, 2017

Hopped Out!

Happy Monday!
After X being on Spring Break last week (and sick the entire week),
we are glad to be back to our normal routines today!
That might mean this post is getting published around 2pm.

Friday night we just took a drive.
It was great!
I miss the simpler days where Mic and I would just hop in the car and drive around.
No actual plans.
Being in the car always feels good to me :)
We finally stopped at a Mexican restaurant for dinner before heading home.

Saturday morning I was up early to pick up my groceries from Kroger.
Busy weekend and Easter weekend combined, meant it was the perfect time to order things online!
Unfortunately, they were out of a few items but I made it work.
Do you use Kroger Clicklist?

Once home, X and I got ready and headed to a birthday party for one his friends.
While he still wasn't eating much at all by Saturday morning, he seemed to be feeling much better overall.
The kiddos enjoyed pizza,
 a dinosaur egg hunt outside,

taking turns hitting the pinata,

and cupcakes!

 Unfortunately, X was still off his game.
He was extra emotional and even elected to color over running around :(
We ended up leaving early so he could rest a bit before heading up north.

Mic and I headed to A Night at the Duck Races with my dad and step mom.

Dinner, dessert, drinks, raffles and more.
But those super cute 4 day old ducklings stole the show!

My dad sponsored a duck in the 1st race and it won!

Meanwhile, X was with my mom :)
They "cooked" together, 

played bad guys, 

visited the Easter basket at the park,

Yes, that is my adorable niece Lily with X :)

opened Easter baskets,

and snuggled :)

On Sunday I took one, that is right, one picture.

Sometimes that is just how the weekend goes :/
How was your Easter?
This is always a question I find interesting....did you eat ham?
What is your traditional Easter meal?

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